Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Terence Crawford will fight against Ukrainian Viktor Postol

On July 23 in Complex MGM Grand (Las Vegas, NV, USA), champion of the WBO world light welterweight champion American Terence Crawford will fight against WBC champion in the same weight Ukrainian Viktor Postol
This night of boxing will be shown live on American TV channel HBO through a system of paid broadcasts PPV.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kazimir Malevich Airport instead of "Boryspil" airport: why it is important to rename the airport in Kiev.

Kazimir Malevich Airport instead of "Boryspil" airport: why it is important to rename the airport in Kiev. The real battle broke out around the initiative to rename the International airport "Borispol" in Kazimir Malevich Airport. This idea has been discussed for several years, but has gained considerable attention just now. The debate is gaining momentum. Dozens of Ukrainian and Russian media have taken  the top themes idea of renaming the airport "Borispol" in honor of Kazimir Malevich. Of course, proposed, and other names of famous Ukrainians for the main air gate of the country - Verbitskiy, Chubinskogo, Lobanovskiy, Sikorsky, Antonov, Princess Olga, Prince Vladimir - this is all important and great names for us. But they are mostly known to us. I think that their honor is logical to be called the conservatory, stadiums, factories, universities -  the place in which will grow the future talents that will glorify his name patrons alma mater on the world stage. 
To stimulate discussion on this blog offer five of the most significant, in my view,  arguments why the airport "Borispol" should be renamed in honor of Kazimir Malevich:
1. The famous artist Kazimir Malevich was born in Kiev
Few would argue that so well-known artist as Kazimir Malevich quite difficult to find. Thanks to a revolutionary discovery in art, he is known throughout the world not only art, but also people who are far removed from the history of art - students, workers, drivers, engineers, politicians, actors and simply the curious citizens without jobs. He well-known from the Pacific coast of China to the Atlantic coast of Panama on Kazimir Malevich. Two of the most recognizable paintings in the world - the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci and the "Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich, whose centenary world celebrated last year. Billions of people  heard bout him. Of course, they may not know the nuances of Suprematism, but the name of the artist - known to everybody.  Therefore, any person on the planet who will pay attention to the name of the airport of Kiev will know that Malevich and Kiev - are inseparable.
2. Airports as cultural lighthouse. 
 This item is not only ideological, but also economic. Ukraine needs to fight the negative image. Most of the associations that arise among foreigners at the mention of our country, related to the war, the annexation of the Crimea, the Chernobyl accident and the crash of MH-17, corruption scandals and endless revolutions. Previously, the situation improved slightly footballer Andriy Shevchenko and boxers Klitschko brothers, now is clearly more negative. We need to fight with this, making a thoughtful and effective re-branding of the country. On this depends not only Ukraine's international image, but also business reputation of the country. For example, a very important factor is the influx of tourists, which in 2015 fell to a record low in 14 years - up to 135 thousand people. And it was more than 1 million tourists in 2011 in Ukraine - 1,226,000. No wonder European cities struggling to demonstrate binding to the world's geniuses, whose names will remain in centuries. For example, the Warsaw airport was named after Frederic Chopin (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport), the airport of Rome - the name of Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci International Airport), Province Airport Grenada in southern Spain - the name of Federico García Lorca (Granada Federico Garcia Lorca Airport) . Tourism marketing studies say that such a move increases the tourist attractiveness of countries, cities and airports improves recognition. It turns out that the usual infrastructure facility turns into a tourist milestone and advance reports about the tourist-cultural symbol of the country brand. 
3. Historical justice against the ideology 
People who are seriously studying art, and just attentive tourists know that there is the concept of "Russian avant-garde" and Kazimir Malevich called "Great Russian" artist. Of course, the exceptional "Russian character" Malevich - this is more than a misconception, because he was born in Kiev, and grew up in rural areas in the Kharkiv and Poltava, where his father worked. Mother Kazimir Malevich was poltavchankoy. All his life Malevich strongly emphasized that his artistic vision of the world formed the Ukrainian village. Also, it has a theoretical works on the Ukrainian language, his work is of great importance the unique Ukrainian national flavor. He repeatedly stated: "I am -  Ukrainian."  In 1927-1929 gg. he lectured at the the Kiev Academy of Arts, which wanted to transform the academy of the modern education. He longed to permanently return to Kiev, but on returning to St. Petersburg he was imprisoned in Leningrad  and was subjected to a terrible, humiliating torture - demanded confessions of espionage. Their effects have become apparent - four years later the founder of Suprematism died in poverty. It turns out that culture becomes a space of struggle for the legacy. Many of our compatriots immediately give up and say, "What, no one was found a famous person, for who does not claim the others?  Let's rename in honor of someone who is associated only with Ukraine. " But I have a counter question. If we do not defend our heritage if we do not show the whole world that the geniuses of the world - it's part of our history and culture, and how much will "expropriated" by the neighbors? How long do we leave? I am sure that this is unacceptable and that the need to defend the historical truth, especially if we are talking about our great compatriots. 
4. Last year, Kiev has found its first Malevich work.  
There is also a very important symbolic argument, why now have the opportunity to name the main Kiev airport by the name of Kazimir Malevich. Last year the people of Ukraine in the face of Mistets'kiy Arsenal was donated priceless collection of avant-garde Igor Dychenko. The widow of the collector Valeria Wirski, gave the collection to the state ownership than to perpetuate itself and spouse. One of the main jewels of the collection is the work of Kazimir Malevich's "Suprematist Composition 1". Thus the Kiev in 2015 gained his first work of Kazimir Malevich, which anyone can come and see at the exhibition. Throughout Ukraine Malevich's works are now two - one in Kiev, and the second in Parkhomovskii History and Art Museum named after Alexander Lunev (village Parkhomovka Kharkiv region) - "65 Suprematism."  Assembly of Kazimir Malevich works are particularly proud the world-famous museums such as the MoMA in New York, the Stedelijk in Amsterdam, the Albertina in Vienna, and, of course, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum. Art Institute of Chicago in 2011, bought a small work of Kazimir Malevich for 48 million pounds. My question to the employee of the museum: "Why such a rich art museum has bought such a small and incredibly expensive work of Kazimir Malevich," she replied that they felt a big gap, until the in the collection of the museum in the world of avant-garde section was missing the most important name - Kazimir Malevich
5. Airport Kazimir Malevich - a worthy gift to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine 
The year of 2016 is also important that we celebrate 25 years of Independence of Ukraine. Ukraine has gone through a lot of upheavals over the quarter of a century, and in recent years also forced to defend their independence with blood and weapons. We can not afford to quiet the resistance on the outskirts of Europe, we must each his act to prove that we are an integral and unique part of European history and civilization. That is why the events that claimed the inseparable link and Ukraine's participation in the creation of a world-class heritage is an important part of our struggle for freedom, self-determination and dignity. The victory on the battlefield, weapons and valor of the soldiers will help us to maintain the territory, but only the culture and the mind are able to transform an area of the country. International Capital Airport - is a kind of gateway to the world and at the same time branding our country. Therefore, it is better to write a loud and clear to all mankind the name, a name that says it all - you are welcome, this is my motherland, this is my Ukraine. 
Malevich wrote, “I transformed myself in the zero of form, I destroyed the ring of the horizon and escaped from the circle of things, from the horizon-ring that confines the artist and forms of nature.”

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Orlando is in Ukraine for Unicef

Orlando is in Ukraine for Unicef .  
A Hollywood actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom has arrived in Ukraine, to visit one of the schools in Slavyansk Donetsk region
The actor published some pictures from Slavyansk in his Instagram.
Pupils of school No.13 in Slavyansk were happy to get Bloom’s autographs and make selfies with the actor.

A Hollywood actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom has arrived in Ukraine, to visit one of the schools in Slavyansk Donetsk region

Bloom arrived in Ukraine / instagram.com/a_senina/

The actor published some pictures from Slavyansk in his Instagram.

Pupils of school No.13 in Slavyansk were happy to get Bloom’s autographs and make selfies with the actor.

According to media reports, Orlando Bloom is to stay in Ukraine for another week.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vladimir Klitschko at his 40th anniversary has collected 2 million 747 thousand US dollars for social projects and children's sport development in Ukraine.

Vladimir klitchko born 25 March 1976. This year  40th anniversary of Vladimir Klitschko celebrated  at the hotel "Intercontinental" in KyivAt the celebration  of boxer Vladimir Klitschko came the head of the Presidential Administration Borys Lozhkyn, former head of the AP Sergei Lyovochkin, the Russian oligarch Paul Fuchs, Ukrainian businessmen Vadim Novinsky and Igor Surkis.
The party was also attended by his older brother, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, the Deputies Serhiy Taruta, Nestor Shufrich, Arthur Ward, Anton Gerashchenko, Sergei Alexeyev, Tariel Vasadze.
Also there were Peter Listerman, wife of oligarch Victor Pinchuk Elena Pinchuk (Daughter of Leonid Kuchma). 

In addition, there were: a former deputy mayor Igor Nikonov, the son of owner's of "Poznyakizhilstroy" Nver Mkhitaryan, the developer Arthur Mkhitaryan and Vagif Aliyev (co-owner of Mandarin Plaza). 

Later arrived  ex-president of the Eurasian Jewish Congress Alexander Mashkevich. The citizen of Canada, Israel and Kazakhstan, according to Forbes magazine, get into the "thousand gold" world's billionaires in 2016 with a personal fortune of $ 1.5 billion. 

A significant part of the guests were athletes. Basically boxers and partners of the Klitschko brothers in golf. Among them was former player, "Dynamo Kyiv" and AC Milan Andriy Shevchenko. 

Officially, the event was collecting donations for the Fund, through the auction, unofficially - celebration of the 40th anniversary of Vladimir Klitschko.

At the auction, the average pitch for the lot was 10-15 thousand US dollars. Among the objects for sale are: an audience with Prince Albert of Monaco, Sylvester Stallone painting brush, painting with handprints brothers Klitschko, boxer shorts and boots.

The special agiotage has caused leather jackets of Arnold Schwarzenegger, in which the actor starred in "Terminator." Its 300 thousand dollars bought a businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky.

In total, only at auction Klitschko brothers have collected 2 million 747 thousand US dollars. Plus on entrance tickets to 1 thousand US dollars fund earned more than 100 thousand US dollars. Klitschko promises to send the money to support social projects and children's sport development in Ukraine.   
In total, only at auction Klitschko brothers have collected 2 million 747 thousand US dollars. Plus on entrance tickets to 1 thousand US dollars fund earned more than 100 thousand US dollars. Klitschko promises to send the money to support social projects and children's sport development in Ukraine.  

In the free time Vlad likes to ride his bike through Kyiv.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Exhibition "Fantastic Reality" from Maria Pryimachenko

Fantastic Reality from  Maria Pryimachenko,
At the National Museum Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art 7 April 2016 at 16 h. will open the exhibition " Fantastic Reality ", dedicated to 80th anniversary of  exhibition of national artist of of Ukraine, winner of the National Prize of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko Maria Primachenko (1909 - 1997). 
The exhibition will be open until October 7, 2016.

Over 120 pieces from the museum's collections give an opportunity to review the work of the great artist. Retrospective exhibition covers the entire career of Maria Primachenko. The accent of the exhibition is extended exposition of works 1936 - 1938 years.
Maria Primachenko achieved global recognition and artistic peaks and is one of the most honorable place among the masters 'naïve' paintings such as Henri Rousseau, Niko Pirosmanishvili, Ivan Generalić, Nikifor Dvornyak. 
Kyiv, 9 Lavrska str.,
    bld. 29
    Public transport:
    bus 24, trolleybus 38,
    stop "Kyivo-Pechersk
    Opening hours:
    10.00 to 18.00;
    Closed on Tuesday.
    tel. +380280 36 93,
+380280 58 12. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ukraine at International Defence Exhibition DefExpo 2016

Ukraine at International Defence Exhibition DefExpo 2016. Ukraine presented on its stand over 40 full-scale samples and models of military equipment from 11 Ukrainian companies.
Visitors to Ukrainian stand get acquainted with samples of armored vehicles, BTR-3 as "Dozor-B", various modifications of BMP.
Also presented domestic aircraft industry. In particular, the AN-132, AN-148, AN-178. 

State company "Antonov" India offers enterprises jointly build aircraft An-32.
The DefExpo-2016 is the largest in South Asia exhibition of arms and military technology.

An 225 compare to Boeing 747, AirBus A380 and H-4 Spruce Goose

Friday, March 25, 2016

"Hop, Nederland, hop!" Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine

In the Netherlands, started the project "Hop, Nederland, hop!" ("Come on, the Netherlands, come on!"). In which the country calling  to vote for the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine  on the referendum on April 6 .

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dasha Astafieva in the dress from Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov

Dasha Astafieva in the dress from Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov.  30-year-old lead singer of NIKITA Dasha Astafieva that previously took part in the shooting for the Ukrainian version of Cosmopolitan magazine tries on lacy creation Ukrainian designer Ivan Frolov.

The singer and model posed for the photographer Jana Tokarczuk lens in spicy transparent dresses of lace and silk.

"Endlessly I admire the young and talented Ivan Frolov. You are as always on top !! ", - Astafieva shared in her microblog .

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A picture of Cossack Mamay made from the 7000 shells brought from the zone ATO

In the project "Petrykivsky towel" installations by artist Halyna Nazarenko 'Mamay - Ukrainian Buddha, "made from 7,000 shells brought from the area ATO. Large size work, weighing more than 120 kg, has arrived in Kyiv. At the opening ceremony, March 24, it will be able to see how the Ukrainian and representatives of 15 embassies around the world who come to the "Sophia Kyivska" support Petrykivska painting. By May 4 work will be on display in the exhibition halls "Bread" under the "Petrykivsky towel."

Cossack Mamay in thoughts and thoughts always represented the people's strength, invincibility holy will in the fight against oppressors. The artist Halyna Nazarenko created steel Mamay as a symbol of defense counsel that if risen from the battlefield, came in the form of shells, sprinkled gunpowder to defend the homeland, according to the project's page on Facebook.

Three foreign airlines (Mahan Air, Aegean Airlines, Air Serbia) launch flights from KBP Airport.

Three foreign airlines (Mahan Air, Aegean Airlines, Air Serbia) launch flights from KBP Airport.
According to the press secretary of "KBP Boryspil" Oksana Ozhigov from the end of March airline Mahan Air once a week will start to fly to Teheran Iran.
From April Aegean Airlines will fly seven times a week  to Greece and Cyprus (4 times in Athens and 3 - to Larnaca).
From June Air Serbia will fly six times a week  to Belgrad Serbia.
Earlier it was reported that the park of  "Ukraine International Airlines" airlines will have seven new aircraft in 2016.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

BOHACHUK Serhii vs IGLESIAS Roniel video

WSB-2016 ( 69 kg) BOHACHUK Serhii vs IGLESIAS Roniel.
BOHACHUK Serhii won fight against Olympic champion .  IGLESIAS Roniel video

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Video of flight from Kherson to Istanbul

Video of flight from Kherson to Istanbul. In the Internet appeared video about the flights from Istanbul - Kherson - Istanbul by the «Turkish Airlines» Airlines. The video, which tells about the flight Airbus A319 from Kherson to Istanbul, published on the YouTube channel on 20 February.
Hello, Kherson! This is a video I made for you and your guests of the city! Here you will see a short video about the flight from the airport city of Kherson to the  Istanbul. Turkish Airlines. The weather was rainy but the flight and service I have only good impressions, "- wrote the author of the video.

From April 2015 «Turkish Airlines» started operating daily flights from Istanbul to Kherson to Istanbul. Almost half of the passengers depart from "Kherson" airport in the Turkish Istanbul, - residents of the Crimea. This at a press conference said the general director of «Turkish Airlines» airline office in Kherson Dinçer Saidzhi.
Until 2014 the airline «Turkish Airlines» flew from Simferopol to Istanbul. But on October 15, 2014 the airline launched flights from Kherson to Istanbul.

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has officially announced February 20, 2014 the beginning of the temporary occupation of the Crimea and Sevastopol Russia. October 7, 2015 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the relevant law. International organizations have recognized the occupation and annexation of Crimea illegal and condemned Russia's actions.
Western countries have introduced a series of economic sanctions. Russia denied the occupation of the peninsula and calls it a "restoration of historical justice."

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Photoshoot of the Odessa Barbie doll with a knife and "voodoo".

Photoshoot of the Odessa Barbie doll with a knife and "voodoo".

Valeria Lukyanova better known as Barbie from Odessa pleased her fans a new photo shoot. It never ceases to amaze fans but this time, the pictures came out even more amazing.

In the black-and-white photographs of social networking star posing in underwear and shows all the beauty of the body. She is cool. She decided to experiment a bit with her image. Before she posed with a knife in his hand adding a bit of rudeness.
Also, she published photos with a shovel in hand and ritual doll "voodoo." For this photoshoot she chose a black dress to add gloom and mystery to the image.
The fans rated the creative of the Odessa Barbie and said that training benefits the girl.
super`girl. Continue with a sport, keep it up, girls in all the earth should look like you" - wrote one of the fans of girls in social networks.

Valeria Lukyanova, who got the nickname "Odessa Barbie" because of her similarity to the famous doll, she tried herself as an actress. She started acting in Hollywood horror film "The doll".
She said that in the new movie will play aliens  doll and according to the script she should kill eight people. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-doll-movie-starring-the-human-barbie#/

The video about Donetsk "The Way Home".

Polish university students made a video about Donetsk. The Video begins with the pre-war staff of Donetsk. The video shows the embankment Kalmius waste heaps on the horizon and the airport. Later  appear military equipment as well as showing the battle for the airport. The video created on Jamala song "The Way Home".  The video made first-year students International University School of Design and Design "School of Form"

Ukrainian Antarctica in Kiev on February 9

February 9th at 16:00 in the Museum of History of Ukraine (m. Kyiv, Volodimirskaya str., 2) an exhibition "Ukrainian Antarctica." It is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the "Akademik Vernadsky" - the only Antarctic station Ukraine conducting research.
"Akademik Vernadsky" - Meteorological and Geophysical Observatory, which was founded in 1953 as a British station "Faraday" and in 1996 handed over to Ukraine. It is made climate monitoring, research of mineral resources and changes in the magnetic field of Earth observation of life on the continent and under water. Based on the microorganisms Ukrainian Antarctic polar biologists have created a cure for cancer and inflammation, and Burns cream is already helping wounded soldiers ATO. The exhibition "Ukrainian Antarctica" you can find out about the history of the founding of transfer of station and the British Antarctic Society for Ukraine, Ukrainian Life polar station, get acquainted with unique exhibits, photographs and video of Antarctica.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

All surnames daughters of Putin.

On the official website, the Moscow State University indicated that from 2006 to 2011 in the Faculty of Fundamental Medicine (FFM) actually studied student Maria Vladimirovna Vorontsova. First students know her as a daughter of a secret missile designer. Then there was a rumor that she was the daughter of a wealthy general. Now it is known that this is Maria Putin.

Judging by the photos on the Internet, the general's "daughter" has very good life of a very wealthy woman: a lot of traveling around the world, expensive yachts and hiring overseas teachers.

Her former classmate posted on the Internet dozens of photographs taken in the classrooms and at student parties.

Former students of Maria Putin shared more photos.

In February 2013 the official visit of the French President Francois Hollande in Russia during which were signed a package of documents about the cooperation. Particularly - the "Memorandum of Intent between the State Organization" Enz "and JSC" Sanofi-aventis Group " to conduct extensive research to identify of diabetes in the population."

The document  was signed in the presence of the two presidents, a supervisor of graduate student Vorontsova - Putin, Academician Dedov and the general director of "Sanofi Russia" Patrick Aghanian.
 Endocrinology Research Center

The president's eldest daughter is married to a Dutch businessman Joost Yorrit Faassen and has now his name Faassen.
In Moscow Faassen, who in 2004 graduated from the University in the Netherlands and has got his first degree in the field of a construction business, come on April 15th, 2006 "with the purpose of employment in OAO" Gazprom ". In OAO "Gazprom" he began  work in 2007 in the position of "Director of Business Development" - wrote Faassen. By this time, he already knew  Maria Putina and this  probably  explains how he has got the job in "Gazprom". The Last of the known to us job of Yorrit Faassen - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the consulting company "MEF Audit".
For the first time, the general public learned about a man by the name of Faassen November 14, 2010, when on Rublevo-Uspensky highway he was severely beaten by guards banker Matthew Urine (as amended by a copy of the testimony of the victim). In the future, all the attackers the Dutchman were put in prison and  three banks of Urine lost their banking license. Moreover, the prosecutor's office appealed the decision and demanded to increase prison sentences term. According to the accounts of employees' MEF Audit ", the Dutch moved in a jeep with a flashing light and accompanied by a bodyguard of FSO.
About this time according to the videos posted on the network, there have been important events: she gave birth to a daughter and became a candidate of medical sciences Maria Faassen.
Regarding the interests of Maria Vladimirovna, she a fan of the films "The Matrix", "dune", "Chocolate", the British TV show "Little Britain"  and in the list of favorite authors - Hermann Hesse, Aldous Huxley and "Memoirs of a Geisha "Arthur Golden.

Putin's younger daughter Ekaterina and her husband Kirill Shamalov

Mother of Maria and Ekaterina - Ludmila with her new husband Arthur Ocheretny.

Thanks to the journalists of The New Times.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Song "All My Gods"of Ukrainian band "Omodada" got into the top 20 best in the US

Song "All My Gods"of Ukrainian band "Omodada"   got into the top 20 best in the US.
The American musician Matt Sloan made a rating of the best tracks in 2015, which got 20 songs of various artists from around the world. In the twenty best composition appeared All My Gods the band Omodada  from Ternopil . The song was recorded with musicians from other group from Ternopil - Tik Tu - Natalia Bagriy. "Really fantastic musical suspense and the angelic vocals of Natalia Tik Tu Bagriy. The composition  became part of the album " Rooms ". From now on I will watch closely for these Ukrainian artists "- commented Sloan on the song Ukrainian group. Omodada - project of musician from Ternopil  Lesik Drachuka, also known as the drummer of Los Colorados.

How make a snowblower from your car?

How make a snowblower from your car? Daewoo Lanos. Resident of  Nikolaev  Anatoly Zhomyr independently has made device from his Daewoo Lanos for snow removal and clearing the roads of  Nikolaev .

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Victor Postol has won a nomination "Discovery of the Year" by the World Boxing Council (WBC)

Undefeated Ukrainian boxer Victor Postol boxing in light welterweight champion, won the prestigious award.  31-year-old fighter has won a nomination "Discovery of the Year" by the World Boxing Council (WBC). In early October Postol won the championship belt WBC, sensationally won the Argentinean Lucas Matthysse by knockout in the seventh round.

Saakashvili in Kharkov's subway

The Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Mikhail Saakashvili, in preparation for the third anti-corruption forum visited the Kharkiv subway.
The governor of the Odessa region traveled on the subway, communicated with passengers and talked about the upcoming forum, since Kharkiv authorities would not allow the Forum organizers place advertisements in the subway. The appearance of Saakashvili in the underground created a furor among Kharkovians - many were able to make the selfy and talk to him.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

"Krykhitka Tsakhes" presented New clip about volunteers

"Krykhitka Tsakhes" presented New clip about volunteers.
The touching video on soulful song "Unnamed" shot famous group "Kryhitka." In the clip presented correspondence of volunteers and ATO fighters.
"You are fighting for me there, I'm fighting for you - here" - thanks "Kryhitka" for the wonderful song!

Ukrainian party in UAE and performance of Oleg Skripka.

Ukrainian party  in UAE and performance  of Oleg Skripka.
On January 9, 2016 in Dubai under the patronage of the Embassy of Ukraine in the UAE was organized by Ukrainian Clubhouse (led by Natalia Lysenko) and performance  of Ukrainian rock band "VV" Oleg Skripka.
The event combines the solo performance of songs with a guitar, DJ-set in the style of "ethno-disco" and chat of Skrypka with Ukrainians in UAE in question and answer format.
The Ambassador of Ukraine in the UAE thanked O.Skripka for his presentation, popularization of Ukrainian music, culture  and held the symbolic "ceremony" where O.Skrypky became one of the Ukrainian community in the UAE.
See video on facebook of Ukrainian Clubhouse: https://www.facebook.com/UkrainianClubhouse

Saturday, January 9, 2016

See Ukraine from a drone.

 With the help of drones authors of the video show the historical, architectural and natural attractions and beauty of Ukraine. Just a two-minute clip authors were able to demonstrate the incredible beauty of Ukraine, its diversity and originality: the evergreen views of the Carpathians, medieval castles of western Ukraine, Kiev sights, the beauty of the east of the country.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has filmed the dynamic video about the investment potential of Ukraine.

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has filmed the dynamic video about the investment potential of Ukraine.
Ukraine - a great and powerful nation with a unique geographic location and well developed infrastructure. The video is showing the benefits of the transport industry in Ukraine. In its arsenal, Ukraine has 22 thousand kilometers of railways, 170 thousand kilometers of roads, 2.2 thousand kilometers of navigable inland waterways, 13 seaports, 4 fishing ports and 11 river terminals.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Kiev soon will appeare in the INTERNATIONAL GUIDE ON THE GRID

Kiev soon will  appeare in the INTERNATIONAL GUIDE ON THE GRID.

Kyiv company app developers MacPaw became ambassador the Ukrainian capital in the popular designer's guide On the Grid. We are proud that we will tell the world about  loved city Kyiv. Guide On the grid - it is not just the unique presentation of Kyiv eyes of designers, a powerful tool for networking with creative people from all over the world.
I believe that participation in the project will be an interesting experience for the company, as in this project, as well as in business, an important quality, attention to detail and a breathtaking storytelling , - says CEO MacPaw Alexander Kosovan.
On the map On the grid - New York, London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm and many others. Guide supervised by a single company, while others are connected to make a guide for individual areas. The project is unique in that it is filled with creative professionals tell us about interesting places in the city with their stories and photos.

Kravets passed medical examination in the FC "Stuttgart"

Artem Kravets passed medical examination in the FC  "Stuttgart".
Soon the German club Shtutgart officially will announce the leasing Ukrainian.