Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company has earned 3 million euros for passenger traffic

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company has earned 3 million euros for passenger traffic.  "If we talk about the tourist segment, two of our vessels (motor vessels" Moldova "and" Ukraine. ") brought to the shipping company budget additional 800 million euros And three-quarters of that amount provided excursion maintenance, the rest -. Related services in general,. passenger transportation, our revenues amounted to about € 3 million, "
For the past navigation seasone ship "Moldova" has made 24, and the ship "Ukraine" - 24 tours on the route Passau-Budapest-Passau. From April to mid-October, these two ships Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company transported about 7 thousand Europeans.
Other ships UDP for navigation seasone transported 10 thousand passengers. In addition to these ships, excursion service occupies a small tourist ship "Eugene Kosjakov" engaged in the Danube Delta. Two more ships, "Volga" and "Dnepr", worked as floating hotels in the port of Linz, Austria - from late May to July.

China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning, built in Mykolayv Ukraine, first appeared on the drills

China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning, built in Mykolayv Ukraine, first appeared on the drills.  The Navy of Chinese People's Liberation (PLA Navy) Army conducted a live-fire exercises in which participated the first aircraft carrier naval fleet of the country, "Liaoning". According to the Chinese Navy in training in the waters of Bohai Bay involved several dozens of warships and aircraft.
During the training was launched more than 10 rockets of various types, "air-air" class "air-to-ship" and "ship-to-air".
Carrier-based compound, consisting of the aircraft carrier "Liaoning" and several destroyers and frigates, practice skills of creating intelligence systems and pre-alarm, air intercept, strike against naval targets and missile activities. Several groups of deck fighters "J-15", equipped with missiles struck at designated targets.
The maneuvers are aimed at checking the technical parameters of weapons and the training level of the troops. The exercise made a superb strikes against designated targets, all tasks performed, says  Navy.
The aircraft carrier "Liaoning" entered into service of China's naval fleet in September 2012.
Liaoning till 25 th September 2012 bearing the name of "Varyag" aircraft carrier.
Aircraft carrier founded in 1985, the year the shipyard in Mykolaiv. Purchased by China for $ 25 million for the purpose of the organization is officially a floating entertainment center. Towed in China and completed as an aircraft carrier, and 25th September of 2012 became a member of the China's  Navy.

A seductive Dasha Astafieva in a wet dress.

A seductive Dasha Astafieva in a wet dress.  The singer intrigued shots from the shooting of a new clip. Dasha Astafieva published on her page in Instagram a few juicy pictures from the shooting of a new clip in collaboration with Alan Badoev.

A new real estate e-commerce project

Ukrainian market will have a new real estate e-commerce project - a service for sale of real estate Otodom South African media holding Naspers Classifieds.  On the Ukrainian market Naspers is well known: due to the online ads hosts more than 11 million of its ads.
Now holding services operating in 130 countries. The holding includes projects such as OLX, mobile klassifayd letgo, PayU payment system, meal delivery service and so Ifood.
After the United States, Qatar, the UAE, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Argentina in October Naspers launched on the Ukrainian market of mobile klassifayd letgo, and December 12 Otodom trade mark has been registered in Ukraine.
"Now the project Otodom at the initial stage of development. We work on filling database of ads from real estate agencies and developers "- said PR-manager  Oksana Vengrovskaya of OLX Ukraine.
Launching of the project is scheduled for the first quarter of next year. At first, the ads on this real estate portal will be able to place only developers and agencies.
Earlier it was reported that for the sum of the citizens of Ukraine in the payment are still not the decisive factor in choosing real estate. Experts believe that the thermo-housing can increase the cost of your real estate by 15-20%.

International group of companies VimpelCom in Ukraine opened the Global Service Center (GlobalSharedServices (GSS)).

International group of companies VimpelCom in Ukraine opened the Global Service Center (GlobalSharedServices (GSS)). This will create in Ukraine 900 new jobs. Located Service Centre on the street Shevchenko 111-a. As COO of the Global Service Center Akos Tsernus today Lviv joined the company towns that have global service centers.
"We are confident that Lviv is one of the best cities to be a focus of the Global Service Centre, as there is a great deal of professional and talented people. We look forward to when our team join these young professionals who provide highly professional services to more than 200 million people around the world "- said Akos Tsernus.
"I am pleased that today's meeting is in Lviv. I was very impressed when I first visited the city in summer. I saw many similarities here with the city of Budapest, where I come from. There is an amazing atmosphere and I see great opportunities for development ", - said Kochysh Harbor, CFO of the company" Kyivstar ".
Global Service Center - one of three centers that VimpelCom reveals the strategy create operating models of the new generation, whose aim is the transformation of VimpelCom in a more flexible digital player market. Now VimpelCom is at an important way of transformation and the Global Service Center (GSS) is a key factor in these changes. Looking at the various options and analyzing the different labor markets among three continents and twelve markets, VimpelCom chose Lviv. VimpelCom Global Service Center in Lviv (GSS) operations serve finance, procurement and HR-processes in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Algeria.
VimpelCom is a global provider of telecommunications services, whose headquarters is based in Amsterdam. The company's goal - opening new possibilities in the world of digital services to users.