Monday, January 9, 2017

US investors are willing to invest $ 140 million in the airport construction in Uman

US investors are willing to invest $ 140 million in the airport construction in Uman. First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of Ukraine  Stepan Kubiv met with investors in New York and discussed the construction of an international airport in Uman (Cherkasy region).
At the meeting there was a discussion on the establishment of a new international airport on the basis of a military airfield in Uman. It is assumed that the airfield would function in both civil and military purposes.
As a result of the negotiations it became clear that investors have identified a preliminary willingness to invest in new airport about $ 140 million. The very construction of the project will be actively supported by the government, and the funding process should be transparent and unobstructed.
From the point of view of logistics airport in Uman it is quite convenient. On the one hand, it is the center of Ukraine, which crosses all international routes, on the other hand - Uman will become even more attractive to the world's pilgrims; in addition to this hotel is close to popular tourist park "Sofiyivka".

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Kharkov tractor factory resumed operations

PJSC "Kharkiv Tractor Plant" (HTZ) resumes its work after a long break.  On 6 January) resumes operation HTZ. The situation now was not easy, but after a personal intervention in the matter of President of Ukraine, it is solved.

Lord, help your servant Kyryya.

At the "Sophia of Kiev" was found an unusual inscription thousand years ago.
The fresc has been moticed on the wall of Cathedral at a height of five meters.
Deputy Director General of Research Reserve "Sophia" Vyacheslav Kornienko believes that signing latter A under the words "Lord, help your servant Kyryyak" left the author frescoes.
It is known that the Greeks painted Sofia at the invitation of Prince Vladimir. Found inscriptions about a thousand years.
Overall in Sofia examined nearly seven thousand graffiti authors were as simple believers and representatives of the clergy and princes. Graffiti written mostly at eye level and under the images of saints.
The first foundations were laid in 1037 or 1011,[6] but the cathedral took two decades to complete. According to Dr. Nadia Nikitenko, an historian who has studied the cathedral for 30 years, the cathedral was founded in 1011, under the reign of Yaroslav's father, Grand Prince of Kievan Rus', Vladimir the Great.

Lord, help your servant Kyryya. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

98 years ago, on January 4, Ukraine introduced the hryvnia

98 years ago, on January 4, Ukraine introduced the hryvnia.  
January 4, 1919 a law was passed UNR Directory of Ukrainian monetary unit of the national currency and the prohibition of handling Russian, German, Austrian and Romanian currency. 
March 1, 1918 CR adopted the Law "On the monetary unit, coining of coins and printing of government credit cards," which the new currency has been introduced - the hryvnia, which was divided into 100 steps and was equal to half of the ruble.
 Formal completion of the formation of Ukrainian currency structure of the system was held April 18, 1918, when the Central Rada adopted the Law "On granting the Minister of Finance the right to release the small change marks.
Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky came to power in April 1918, has preserved the system of ratings: 1 UAH = 1/2 of rubles, or 100 steps and continued monetary reform, but a revolution, which resulted in the Directory came to power, prevented him implement his plan. However, the UNR Directory launched a new project of the monetary reform proposed by Borys Martosom
He defined the only means of payment in Ukraine hryvnia, and the ruble issued in the time of the Central Rada and Hetman Skoropadsky. Russian rubles issued by the tsarist and then interim government, were canceled and were not taken by government agencies
In addition, with the Russian ruble exchange rate has become floating. The Directory has announced the strengthening of the gold content of the Ukrainian currency. To do this, in the population started to collect all the available gold and silver for the production of coins and was declared remelting of copper monuments to Russian tsars on a small coin. On the gold UAH was planned to place the bust of Taras Shevchenko, and silver coins - the building of the Central Rada.   
But to begin production of the coins did not succeed because of the Bolshevik offensive and Russian occupation. After the evacuation of the Directory to Vinnitsa, and then in Kamenetz-Podolsk, founded hetman Expedition Preparations State Papers sent to Stanislaus, where she was in the presence of an appropriate base printed. 
Stanislav expedition leader Nikolai Danilchenko established manufacturing small change marks the UNR state treasury nominal value of 5 hryvnia.
  This bill is considered the worst of all issued in Ukraine. Small gray banknote of the images were only modest tridents on both sides and text. Some of them have even been a mistake in the designation of the nominal value. This is due to a hastily made a project for the quick release of money.
In March 1919 it was issued for circulation banknotes Getmanovskaya emissions. In 1920, the latest issue of Ukrainian money was held in Warsaw. On returning hryvnia Ukrainians had to wait more than 70 years. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Odessa Barbie stunned everyone with perfect figure in a bikini

Barbie from Odessa stunned everyone with perfect figure in a bikini. Thirty-one-year-old Valeria Lukyanova, better known under the name Barbie, pleased her fans.

On her page in the social network published photos of blond girl near a small pool.
The girl posing in seductive swimsuit, showing a perfect waist, large breasts and doll appearance. Subscribers are crazy about their girl.