Saturday, December 17, 2016

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company has earned 3 million euros for passenger traffic

Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company has earned 3 million euros for passenger traffic.  "If we talk about the tourist segment, two of our vessels (motor vessels" Moldova "and" Ukraine. ") brought to the shipping company budget additional 800 million euros And three-quarters of that amount provided excursion maintenance, the rest -. Related services in general,. passenger transportation, our revenues amounted to about € 3 million, "
For the past navigation seasone ship "Moldova" has made 24, and the ship "Ukraine" - 24 tours on the route Passau-Budapest-Passau. From April to mid-October, these two ships Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company transported about 7 thousand Europeans.
Other ships UDP for navigation seasone transported 10 thousand passengers. In addition to these ships, excursion service occupies a small tourist ship "Eugene Kosjakov" engaged in the Danube Delta. Two more ships, "Volga" and "Dnepr", worked as floating hotels in the port of Linz, Austria - from late May to July.

China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning, built in Mykolayv Ukraine, first appeared on the drills

China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning, built in Mykolayv Ukraine, first appeared on the drills.  The Navy of Chinese People's Liberation (PLA Navy) Army conducted a live-fire exercises in which participated the first aircraft carrier naval fleet of the country, "Liaoning". According to the Chinese Navy in training in the waters of Bohai Bay involved several dozens of warships and aircraft.
During the training was launched more than 10 rockets of various types, "air-air" class "air-to-ship" and "ship-to-air".
Carrier-based compound, consisting of the aircraft carrier "Liaoning" and several destroyers and frigates, practice skills of creating intelligence systems and pre-alarm, air intercept, strike against naval targets and missile activities. Several groups of deck fighters "J-15", equipped with missiles struck at designated targets.
The maneuvers are aimed at checking the technical parameters of weapons and the training level of the troops. The exercise made a superb strikes against designated targets, all tasks performed, says  Navy.
The aircraft carrier "Liaoning" entered into service of China's naval fleet in September 2012.
Liaoning till 25 th September 2012 bearing the name of "Varyag" aircraft carrier.
Aircraft carrier founded in 1985, the year the shipyard in Mykolaiv. Purchased by China for $ 25 million for the purpose of the organization is officially a floating entertainment center. Towed in China and completed as an aircraft carrier, and 25th September of 2012 became a member of the China's  Navy.

A seductive Dasha Astafieva in a wet dress.

A seductive Dasha Astafieva in a wet dress.  The singer intrigued shots from the shooting of a new clip. Dasha Astafieva published on her page in Instagram a few juicy pictures from the shooting of a new clip in collaboration with Alan Badoev.

A new real estate e-commerce project

Ukrainian market will have a new real estate e-commerce project - a service for sale of real estate Otodom South African media holding Naspers Classifieds.  On the Ukrainian market Naspers is well known: due to the online ads hosts more than 11 million of its ads.
Now holding services operating in 130 countries. The holding includes projects such as OLX, mobile klassifayd letgo, PayU payment system, meal delivery service and so Ifood.
After the United States, Qatar, the UAE, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Argentina in October Naspers launched on the Ukrainian market of mobile klassifayd letgo, and December 12 Otodom trade mark has been registered in Ukraine.
"Now the project Otodom at the initial stage of development. We work on filling database of ads from real estate agencies and developers "- said PR-manager  Oksana Vengrovskaya of OLX Ukraine.
Launching of the project is scheduled for the first quarter of next year. At first, the ads on this real estate portal will be able to place only developers and agencies.
Earlier it was reported that for the sum of the citizens of Ukraine in the payment are still not the decisive factor in choosing real estate. Experts believe that the thermo-housing can increase the cost of your real estate by 15-20%.

International group of companies VimpelCom in Ukraine opened the Global Service Center (GlobalSharedServices (GSS)).

International group of companies VimpelCom in Ukraine opened the Global Service Center (GlobalSharedServices (GSS)). This will create in Ukraine 900 new jobs. Located Service Centre on the street Shevchenko 111-a. As COO of the Global Service Center Akos Tsernus today Lviv joined the company towns that have global service centers.
"We are confident that Lviv is one of the best cities to be a focus of the Global Service Centre, as there is a great deal of professional and talented people. We look forward to when our team join these young professionals who provide highly professional services to more than 200 million people around the world "- said Akos Tsernus.
"I am pleased that today's meeting is in Lviv. I was very impressed when I first visited the city in summer. I saw many similarities here with the city of Budapest, where I come from. There is an amazing atmosphere and I see great opportunities for development ", - said Kochysh Harbor, CFO of the company" Kyivstar ".
Global Service Center - one of three centers that VimpelCom reveals the strategy create operating models of the new generation, whose aim is the transformation of VimpelCom in a more flexible digital player market. Now VimpelCom is at an important way of transformation and the Global Service Center (GSS) is a key factor in these changes. Looking at the various options and analyzing the different labor markets among three continents and twelve markets, VimpelCom chose Lviv. VimpelCom Global Service Center in Lviv (GSS) operations serve finance, procurement and HR-processes in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Algeria.
VimpelCom is a global provider of telecommunications services, whose headquarters is based in Amsterdam. The company's goal - opening new possibilities in the world of digital services to users.

All Ukrainian music on one site. UA MUSIC project started its work

All Ukrainian music on one site. UA MUSIC project started its work.

Thanks to a new project of UA MUSIC is made possible. How to say its creators, the resource aims to "Ukrainian music played not only in the home of every Ukrainian, but also that it could listen to abroad, in the most remote corners of the globe."
"The main idea of the creation of the portal was, is and will remain for the duration of the project - support and promotion of young, talented students and little-known Ukrainian artists. We have created a first of its kind in our country, a project that reflects the diversity of Ukrainian music ", - says the founder of the UA MUSIC Denis Grubsky.
As you know, on the site you can find the music you are interested in the artist, read the information about it, and learn the latest news from the life of the Ukrainian show business. But for those who can not live without concerts, it provides a traditional billboard. Yes, and as new domestic musicians appear almost every day, the portal database will be continuously expanded.


Mevics startup from Odessa ATTRACTS HALF A MILLION DOLLARS FROM THE BRITISH COMPANY UBtower.  the device for controlling a posture young team will go on the scale CES conference in Las Vegas in late December. The boys are waiting for a huge opportunity and a chance to demonstrate their benefits.
iOS developer «Mevics» Konstantin Ovcharenko said: "There will be the first such global presentation of our product to the world market. It's just wow! Because the guys, well, here we, the students of Ukraine, I am 19 I'm the youngest member of this project and already have the ability to hit the global market. Yes, I fired up in this project. This is very cool, it's great, we do a little better than this world. Just a little, but we will make it better. "

"Kaspersky Lab" closes Ukrainian unit.

"Kaspersky Lab" closes Ukrainian unit. "Kaspersky Lab" has decided to liquidate its subsidiary in Ukraine because of sanctions imposed by Ukraine in September last year. A subsidiary of Russian "Kaspersky Lab" (Moscow) LLC "Kaspersky Lab Ukraine" (Kyiv) announced liquidation by the decision of the owner. "We made a decision to close the regional office due to the fact that the government has restricted foreign economic activity Ukraine Kaspersky Lab Ukraine», - said the parent company, while noting that this decision will not affect partners and customers. Products «Kaspersky Lab» will go on sale in Ukraine through distributors.
Be noted that the results of 2015 net income "Kaspersky Lab Ukraine" was 26.1 million USD, which is 34% more than in 2014..

On 17 december 2016 9:00 Wargaming will hold a broadcast from the festival WG Fest from Moscow.

On 17 december 2016 9:00 Wargaming will hold a broadcast from the festival WG Fest from Moscow.
During the broadcast you expect:
- Announcements Wargaming universe of games for 2017
- Presentation of a brand new game from Wargaming
- Battle of the best eSports teams in the framework of the "Battle of Champions"
- Battle of the finalists, "the WOT is a little family!" for the prize UAZ "Patriot WOT Edition"
- Final tournament WG FEST WOT Blitz
- Interview with the developers and guests of the event
- Prize drawings and gifts
- Holiday atmosphere WG FEST!

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It will be a great holiday for the whole family - with games, contests, prizes, and a special gift to visitors in the form of speeches Yolki, "Caste" and "B-2".
But there are special reasons not to miss the festival: tournaments of all games Wargaming - World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes, chat with developers and interesting announcements firsthand.
If you failed to purchase tickets, then yet all is not lost. To join the celebration will and those who do not have enough seats, and those who live far from Moscow. Wargaming will be broadcast live from the festival! See on line.


Ukraine E-COMMERCE GROWS BY 50% PER YEAR. Ukrainian group of companies EVO, which manages the country's facilities:,,,,,, introduced its own market research e-commerce. As it turned out, its volume this year will be nearly 39 billion USD. The total volume of online takes only 3%, whereas the average of the world - about 15%.
"This is partly due to the fact that when Western countries appeared e-commerce, in Ukraine appeared only retail" - jokes Paliyenko Nikolay, director of EVO companies.
However, as analysts note, you need to look at another figure - sales pace. According to the EVO, annual e-commerce market is growing by 50% in Ukraine, and the following year its volume may reach 50 billion USD. It is important to note that in recent years actively growing traffic from mobile devices. This means that owners of online stores should pay attention to this aspect of smartphones people much more than computers. And they are always at hand.

Amazon launches competitor of Netflix in Ukraine

Amazon launches  Prime Video the competitor to Netflix in Ukraine. Amazon Prime Video Video Platform is now available to residents in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe.
For the price in  Ukraine € 2.99
The residents all over the world can now enjoy watching the original projects from Amazon - such as the car show «The Grand Tour» Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, series "The Man in the High Castle", "Obvious", "Mozart in the Jungle" "Dry sheet" and others. Amazon Prime Video service will compete with Netflix platform at the global level, as well as local services. If we talk about Ukraine, it Megogo, Divan.TV and OLL.TV.
Amazon Prime Video is available to owners of phones and tablets based on Android and iOS based, Fire tablets, and smart TVs LG and Samsung.
Subscribers included in the Amazon Prime program, living in Belgium, Canada, France, India, Italy and Spain can watch these shows and soap operas today, without the need for additional charges.
The subscribers residing in Ukraine and other countries where the service is available now on Prime Video, can subscribe at a discounted price of 2.99 euros (or $ 2.99) per month for the first six months. Before that, they will be offered a free seven-day service test
Programs and series on Amazon Prime Video is available in English, and many of them are subtitled or dubbed into French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Airline Wizz Air opened new route Kyiv-Bratislava

Airline Wizz Air opened new route Kyiv-Bratislava. In May 2016 Jozsef Varadi CEO of Wizzair  airline said that the situation has stabilized, and Wizz Air Ukraine is seriously considering the possibility of expanding its presence in the Ukrainian market.
the first flight from the airport Zhulyany went today at 07.18 (schedule 06.55). The plane landed in Bratislava 07.38. The return flight went at 08.30 local time and arrived in Kiev at 10.55. The flights are operated on Tuesdays and Saturdays, from August 2017 to increase the frequency of flights to four times a week.
Wizz Air - the largest budget airline in Central and Eastern Europe. It offers flights to more than 420 routes.
On the Ukrainian market the company Wizz Air came in 2008, and in 2015 as part of restructuring has decided to close its subsidiary in Ukraine and reduce the number of flights. The company noted that this is due to the unstable situation in eastern Ukraine and the devaluation of the hryvnia.
The company plans in August 2017 to launch flights from Zhulyany to the capital of Denmark Copenhagen and the German city of Nuremberg.

Vodafone Ukraine has got ISO 9001:2008

Vodafone Ukraine has got ISO 9001:2008.

Earlier this week MTS became the only Russian telecommunications company to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 certificate of conformity for its Quality Management System that covers all of our locations in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The certification audit was conducted by SGS, the global leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification services.

“Implementing the certification audit of the MTS Group allowed us to make sure that the Company’s activities and its internal quality management processes comply with the highest international standards. Obtaining the certificate of conformity helps to strengthen the Company’s reputation as an operator with a high service quality. I am convinced that getting the ISO certificate will bring MTS even more trust on behalf of its clients, investors and partners as well as will boost its further effective and successful business development,” said Peter Marriott, Vice-President of SGS S.A.

“The certification audit confirms the high level of service standards and the effectiveness of the process management system maintained by MTS throughout its markets of operation. The certification provides an additional incentive for our Company to further standardize requirements and approaches towards quality management in order to create better conditions for managing the processes of the integrated management system in the framework of the MTS Group,” noted Mikhail Shamolin, President and CEO of MTS.
From left to right: Alexander Gamov – Director of the Quality Assurance Department at MTS, Peter Marriott – Vice-President of SGS SA, Konstantin Timoshechkin – Manager in charge of business development at SGS S.A. (Eastern Europe).

In the future, along with the annual surveillance audits we intend to extend the geographical scope of the certification to all of our markets of operation.

Ukrainian ex-champion Wladimir Klitschko believes a fight with his closest competitor - Anthony Joshua is fairly equal.

Ukrainian ex-champion Wladimir Klitschko believes a fight with his closest competitor -  Anthony Joshua is fairly equal. According to Vladimir, the battle can get quite equal, because unlike many former and current athletes, he does not think much about his opponent, and actively trains.
Also he believes that the age of the boxers in this battle does not matter, especially with the size and strength of both. Vladimir Klitschko also took upcoming fight with Anthony Joshua in the category of special, because they do not know when it may happen like a duel.

"Ukrwineprom" named best wines produced in Ukraine

"Ukrwineprom" named best wines produced in Ukraine. Central branch tasting commission "Ukrwineprom" together with winemakers enterprises of Ukraine and representatives of central authorities have identified the best wines of Ukraine among 55 samples. In wine tasting participated with grapes "Traminer", "Pinot", "Bastardo", "Isabella" and other. All wines are purchased in a commission sales networks, as professionals tasted the products, which gets directly the consumer.
Among the wines made from grapes "Traminer" professionals gave the highest marks dry white guilt "Traminer" brand "Chizay." In the group of wines from grapes "Bastardo Magarach" the highest scores got the wine, dry red "Bastardo 2015" brand "Inkerman" sweet red "Bastardo" brand "Koblevo" semisweet red "Bastardo Crimean" brand "Golden Amphora".
The highest tasting score in the group of wine grape varieties "Pinot Noir" received red dry wine "Pinot Noir 2014" PAT "Prince Trubetskoy." Among wines from grapes of "Isabella" is recognized the best sweet pink "Isabella" brand "Holiday Collection" ("Sandora").

The first unpacking wireless headphones AirPods

Apple started selling AirPods headphones. This occurred with a delay of almost two months on the date of commencement of sales, called at the time of the announcement. The reasons for the delay in Cupertino have not explained.

Despite the very compact dimensions, AirPods combine a set of advanced technologies. Due to recognizable anatomical shape they keep well in the ear. headphone autonomous operating time of 5 hours, which in itself is high. But Comes with a small bag with an extra battery that allows you to to do without power up to 25 hours. Just put discharged earphones for 15 minutes in the case that more 3:00 to listen to music.
the gadget setting is made as simple as possible: you have only to open the case near the iPhone and the button on the screen to connect appears. It is noteworthy that AirPods connected simultaneously to all user devices, and switching between the iPhone and the Apple Watch is done intelligently, so that the sound comes from the result of the active device. To use AirPods on Mac and iPad requires manual selection.
Thanks to the accelerometer AirPods track even light movement. For example, sensors detect when the user starts to talk and include microphone, and double-tapping, you can activate Siri Assistant.
In each "ear" there is a pair of microphones, directed parallel and perpendicular to the face, one of which is responsible for the noise reduction. There is also an infrared sensor, which informs about the use of headphones for the management of their mode of operation. Enough Just  remove AirPods and play will stop .

‘Northern Gate’ gas pipeline.

The Northern Gate gas pipeline project the hope not only for Poland but also for Ukraine. 
the “Northern Gate” gas pipeline project, designed to bring gas from the Norwegian shelf across Denmark to Poland.

The Polish government’s Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure, Piotr Naimski, told a hearing in the European Parliament that Poland wants to replace supplies from Russia with supplies from the West.

The project, also known as “Norwegian corridor”, aims at bringing 10 billion cubic metres of Norwegian natural gas per year (bcm/y) to Poland by 2022. From there, some of the Norwegian gas could be sent to other countries in Central Europe, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, the Baltic states and even Ukraine. Currently, Poland consumes 14 bcm/y of gas.

The total amount of 10 bcm/y doesn’t look huge in comparison with the projected capacity of a project Poland opposes – the North Stream 2 pipeline, which has a projected capacity of 55 bcm/y.

The project’s history dates back to 2009. In 2013 the Commission granted the status of “Project of common interest” for Baltic Pipe, one of the components of the “Northern Gate”. In 2015, the Connecting Europe Facility gave a grant for a feasibility study.

Commission Vice-President in charge Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič, who spoke at the hearing, said that the “initial thought” of the EU executive was that this was a very important project. A feasibility study will be ready by the end of the year, and next year, the “open season” will be held, meaning that commercial entities will express their interest in buying gas from the new route.

Naimski said that Russian gas in Poland was more expensive than in Western European countries, which are more distant than Poland. He said that his country wanted security of supply at the lowest possible price and that it saw the project as a competitor to Nord Stream 2, which also aims at selling gas in the Central European market.
The target date for completing the project is 2022 and by 2019 Poland wants to reach the “point of no-return” for the completion of the project, the Polish official explained. In comparison, the completion of Nord Stream 2 is scheduled for 2019.

Meetings at all political levels, including at the level of presidents, have been held with Norway and Denmark over the project, Naimski said, adding that on the political side, there were no obstacles for the project.

However, the Norway’s Ambassador to the EU, Oda Helen Sletnes, emphasised that what was important was that the project be commercially viable. She said Norway exported 114 bcm in 2015, the country being the second largest exporter of gas to the EU after Russia, and that the production is expected to remain stable for the next 20 years.

To choose the pipeline option the industry needs assurances, the Norwegian diplomat stated.

Vibeke Pasternak Jorgensen, Deputy Permanent Representative of Denmark to the EU, also said that the market should be the main driver in decision-making. The feasibility study will enable a decision on the future of the project, she said. asked Naimski what had prevented the project from being realised earlier, as there had been two previous attempts in the recent past. He explained that the problem had been the long-term gas contract of Poland with Gazprom. Once the contract expires in 2022, this shouldn’t be a problem, he said.

Šefčovič said that sometimes similar infrastructure projects need “strategic assistance”, and that the EU executive will make its decisions, one the feasibility study and the open season will shed more light on.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The next big MAJOR DOTA 2 tournament will be held in Kiev on 20-23 April 2017.

The next big MAJOR DOTA 2 tournament will be held in Kiev on 20-23 April 2017.
For any player from the CIS countries, this news as a balm for the soul, as usual, the championship of this magnitude pass us by, but the company Valve has decided to fix it.
Though we in Ukraine and particularly in Kiev is full of own "majors", but from "such" people just do not give up. Generally the Major Championships Dota 2 - This offseason, eSports, World tournament with prize money - $ 3 million.

Open qualifications will be from 6 to 9 March, and regional selections will be held from 10 to 13 March. The tournament will be held from 20 to 23 April in Kiev. Event organizers were PGL, who worked on the last Major in Manila and are now working on the now on going Championship in Boston.
Still there is information out there that organizers want to change the qualifications system. For example, will have a separate qualification in the CIS. But more detailed information about the championship will be later.
For those who are far from the current cyber sport, I want to remind that the tournament was attended by several teams from the CIS. A representative from the Ukraine are likely to be NAVI team, which, though not pleased us with their last outing on the world stage, but as the saying goes - "Since my childhood I going for NAVI".
I really hope that our favorite team bring up their "skill" and will not leave the tournament before it starts.
Do you plan to visit one of the largest eSports tournament in the CIS?

Now  The Boston Major 
live from Boston
Schedule for December 9-10:

17:00 - 0: 2 Evil Geniuses
20:30 - WG.Unity 1: 2 OG
00:00 - Digital Chaos 2: 0 Team NP
03:30 - Ad Finem 1: 2 LGD.FY
Live Stream:

Смотрите прямую трансляцию DotaMajorRU на has been blocker by Kyiv authority. has been blocker by Kyiv authority. Kiev cyber police together with the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office closed another pirate site - Its owners for a long time violating the copyrights of Hollywood studios, exhibitors Motion Picture Association of America - Motion Picture Association of America.

Among those are such giants as the film market The Walt Disney Company, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and Warner Bros.
During a search of in the room on the territory of Desnyanskiy district of the capital removed the server that stored illegal content and other evidence. At the property has been been arrested under the article. 176 of the Criminal Code (violation of copyright).

Thursday, December 8, 2016

In Ukraine, will start 5G as an experiment

In Ukraine, will start 5G as an experiment. The initiators of the experiment became the Presidential Administration and the National Commission, carrying out state regulation in the sphere of communications and informatization. We are currently discussing how to do so, to begin experimenting with 5G in Ukraine today. All interested players telecommunications market will be able to take part in this project. He added that at present it is too early to discuss the full launch of 5G in the country. Speaking about the full run on 5G is impossible today, since there is not yet a given communication standards, as well as equipment and mobile devices that they would support.

Earlier it was reported that in the ranking of countries based on mobile internet speeds Ukraine took one of the last places.
The average data transfer rate in Ukraine was estimated at 5.78 Mbit / s.
It is remarkable that the average speed of mobile Internet in South Korea, more than Ukrainian figure 7 times (41.34 Mb / s).

Singapore is also among the leaders of the rating (31.19 Mb / s), Hungary (26.15 Mb / s), Australia (25.10 Mb / s) and Denmark (23.35 Mb / s).

Very slowly, the mobile Internet has been in Afghanistan (2,17 Mbit / s), Costa Rica (2,55 Mbit / s) and Ethiopia (2,78 Mbit / s).

The airport "Borispol" suspended flights 08/12/2016

The airport "Borispol" suspended flights.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Oleg Skripka - new song Ukraine (Lyric video with Oleg Shupliak's Art)

The leader of the group "Vopli Vidopliassova" Oleg Skripka congratulated the Ukrainian military on the Day of the Armed Forces of the music video "Ukraine". Oleg Skripka -  new song Ukraine (Lyric video with Oleg Shupliak's Art). 
 Updated lyric video player presented with the artist Oleg Shuplyak.

The authors of the compositions in the style of neo-ethno-rock are Oleg Skripka and Eugene Gapon.

Official website:
Official Facebook Dreamland:
Official Facebook Oleg Skripka:
Official Facebook Vopli Vidoplyasova:
Official VKontakte Country of Dreams:
Official Instagram Oleg Skripka:
The official YouTube channel: https: //
fficial ...
Official Google+: https: // ... 


Monday, December 5, 2016

Chernobyl nuclear power plant has got New Safe Confinement - photo

Chernobyl nuclear power plant has got New Safe Confinement. The purpose of the new design «NOVARKA» is to keep radioactive materials and the protection of the existing Object Shelter from external weather conditions. Ultimately, this will ensure safety of Ukraine of the 4th Chernobyl
nuclear power plant.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Handball club from Zaporozhye "Motor" has got in the playoffs of the Champions League 2016/17

Handball club from Zaporozhye  "Motor" has got in the playoffs of the Champions League 2016/17.
"Motor" continued its winning streak in the Champions League to five matches, winning a key game in the group - in Kharkov champions of Ukraine confidently beat "Besiktas", and a round before the end of the group stage have come off four points ahead of from the Turkish team and qualified to the next round of the competition. The key player in the Ukrainian team was the goalkeeper Viktor Kireev, who already made a lot of of excellent saves, and several seven-reflected throws. If we talk about the fielders, the greatest contribution to the victory of "Motor" did Gleb Kalarash, which was marked with nine goals scored, but was sent off for fifteen minutes before the end of the match for the brute force 2-minute penalties. The name of his rival the Zaporozhians will know already in February, when it will be played the last round of Champions League group stage.
"Motor" (Ukraine) - "Besiktas" (Turkey) 34:28 (20:13)

Motor: Kalarash (9), Púchov (7) Beetle (6), Shelmenko (4), kubatko (3), Zhukova (2), Magpie (2), Buynenko (1)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

UM Air from December 1, the start flights to the Middle East from IEV Airport.

UM Air from December 1, the start flights to the Middle East from IEV Airport. Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines company UM Air began to operate flights from the airport "Kiev" in three directions. Airlines UM Air (Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines) from December 1, started operating from the airport "Kiev" regular flights to Tehran (Iran), Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan) ... Also, we are negotiating with the largest budget carrier in Europe - airline Ryanair » - the general director of "master-Avia" Alex Yakovets.
According to the schedule, flights to Beirut will be operated twice a week, Tehran and Amman - once a week.
According to recent reports, the Ukrainian airports passenger traffic increased by 17.8%.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Swedish rock band Europe has canceled concert in Kiev, which should take place on December 5th

The first in 30-years of history concert of famous Swedish band Europe, which was scheduled for December 5, Kiev Stereoplaza hall, will not take place. This was informed on Facebook page of the Europe band.  

We are very upset that we can not perform for the first time in Ukraine.
We apologize to all our fans in Ukraine and all those who travel from abroad.
Due to contractual issues between the group and the organizer of the concert can not take place and will not be any its transfer, "- said the group.
The group had to speak on the occasion of its 30th anniversary with a program of The Final Countdown, which included the brightest hits.

During 9 months 2016 International airport "Kharkiv" increased the number of passengers by 60%

During 9 months 2016 International airport "Kharkiv" increased the number of passengers by 60%.  I
n 2016 for 9 months was transported 442 thousand. passengers, and for the same period in 2015 - 275 thousand. Overall, in 2015 the airport was Served 374 thousand. Passengers. O
pening of new flights are the result of close cooperation with airlines. "Linking goes to the opening of new areas. If it (carrier) still opens a new direction, it gets discounts that allow airlines to quickly reach the level of profitability. 

International airport "Kharkiv" (found in the management of DCH Alexander Yaroslavsky) steadily increasing passenger traffic by opening new lines of flight. In preparation of Kharkiv for Euro 2012 the facility has been upgraded to international standards

State reconstructed runway and private investors represented of DCH renewed the existing terminal building (now a room for VIP-service) and built a new modern passenger terminal, cargo terminal and other facilities.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The first time Ukraine imported liquefied natural gas from Azerbaijan

The first time Ukraine imported liquefied natural gas from Azerbaijan. 
In November 2016, Ukraine imported the first 640 tons of propane-butane mixture of Azerbaijan. this delivery is fragmented because it is carried out through the terminal in the port of Galati (Romania), through which ships liquefied gas from different directions (including Russia, Kazakhstan and the countries of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean basin)
PG import Azerbaijani company "Hope" and "SOCAR Energy Ukraine" - 530 and 210 tonnes respectively.
The manufacturer of LPG is the Baku Oil Refinery named by Heydar Aliyev. According to the quality of the passport, the resource corresponds to GOST LPG mass fraction of butane gas is 64.6%, propane - 33.4% .
In Ukraine, the liquefied gas delivered by rail from City Gas Terminal, which is located in the free economic zone of the Romanian port of Galati. In turn, the terminal in the Romanian LPG tanker was delivered from the Black Sea port of Batumi.
In 2016 also documented the first delivery of liquefied gas through the Ukrainian seaport. In September, it shipped 2.5 thousand. Tons of Egyptian products through Black Sea ports (ex. Ilyichevsk). Prior to this, marine terminals used for the import of liquefied natural gas.

"AvtoKrAZ" shows new model Kraz-5401С2

"AvtoKrAZ" shows new model Kraz-5401С2. new lightweight chassis, the addition of a cabin from Renault Trucks truck.
"AvtoKrAZ" is actively engaged in the development of new market segments. Therefore, in addition to heavy-duty trucks are actively working on models of lighter grades. Recently, the company released a compact truck 5401S2.
Soon, on the basis of this car will represent the municipal machine with attachments for road maintenance. Its main external difference - from cabin truck Renault Trucks.

Ukraine shows first photos of the missile tests

Ukraine shows first photos of the missile tests.
Monitoring provides AEW aircraft and an E-3A "AWACS" with board number LX-N90444 number and call sign NATO07.  It is noted that he flew to the NATO base in Geilenkirchen in Germany and is now in the airspace of Romania near the Black Sea. Aircraft engaged in the exploration potential of Russia's actions on the Crimean peninsula. NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that during the missile tests, the intended targets were reached by the  missiles. that proved its combat characteristics.

Russia outraged over Ukraine's Crimean test missiles

Russia's Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has strongly objected to what it says is Ukraine's attempts to encroach on Russian sovereign airspace after the latter warned of impending ballistic missile tests over the Black Sea region near Crimea later this week.

The agency said in a statement that Ukraine had informed it, via a NOTAM, that it would be conducting the tests on December 1 and 2 within a zone of airspace within the Simferopol Flight Information Region (FIR) which is under de-facto Russian control.

"It is obvious that the Ukrainian side is pushing extremely provocative, politically motivated acts to beyond the bounds of reasonable engagement," Rosaviatsia said. "Global civil aviation is based on the principles of absolute priority of safety first, rather than political expediency."

Although Moscow has since lodged a diplomatic complaint with Kiev, Ukraine has dismissed them stating that it is simply exercising its territorial rights and that it has followed all international conventions. Kiev still lays claim to the Crimean peninsula despite its unilateral annexation by Russia in early 2014.

"Ukraine carries out the missile tests within the framework of all the international obligations and treaties," Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council Secretary, Oleksander Turchinov, said. "That's why we ask Russia not to hinder the tests by its hysterics and provocations."

Rosaviatsia has since said that despite Ukraine's assertions, flights over the Crimea are in no danger and that airspace over the peninsula will not be closed. The only airlines currently serving Simferopol on a scheduled basis include Aeroflot, Alrosa Aviakompania, Orenburzhye, Red Wings (Russia), S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines, VIM Airlines, and Yamal Airlines.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

4G-communication in Ukraine

4G-communication LTE in Ukraine: Commission announced  time of the tender. The National Commission for State Regulation of Communications and Information plans to hold a tender on implementation of 4G communication technology until October 2017. Told the head of NCCIR  Oleksandr Zhyvotovskyy.
Suggested 1 MHz to 2.6 GHz for diapazone for one regiona will cost almost 1 million Hriven. Litsenzii will be issued for 15 years.
In total 4G  in 80 MHz in four bands: 2510-2545 MHz, 2565-2570 MHz, 2630-2665 MHz, 2685-2690 MHz.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lomachenko vs Walters

The world champion of the WBO junior lightweight champion 28-year-old Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko met with former world champion featherweight champion 30-year-old Jamaican Nicholas Walters.

In the seventh round Lomachenko began literally crush his opponent in the corner and  Jamaican Nicholas Walters refused to continue the fight. Great win for Lomachenko 

Sudak - oil on the beach (28 November 2016)

The residents of Sudak in Crimea found on beaches black spots viscous substances of petroleum origin - most likely oil

Black spots were stretched almost along the entire coast of the city - from Alchak to the fortress

The greatest pollution suffered by the central city beach from cafe Brigantine to the rescue station.
Heavy petroleum fraction to which the fuel oil - the most harmful to the environment. On the embankment we have already found the dead bird in fuel oil, "- said in a statement
According to the Sudakmortrans  director Sergei Troitsky: Likely fuel oil get the coast with a cargo ship which went to the Bay of Sudak in the time of the storm

Thursday, November 24, 2016

An-225 video

An-225 video

In September, "Antonov" informed about An-124 testing with the new tires Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited of the British company, which should be replaced by Russian. It is also necessary to find a replacement for the avionics of the aircraft, brake systems and other components.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Vasyl Lomachenko is wearing Russian flag.

The world champion of the WBO Junior Lightweight Champion 28-year-old Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko believes that the Russian Sergey Kovalev won 8 rounds in the bout against Andre Ward.

This is very strange that Lomachenko is wearing Russian flag concidering the anexation of Crimea and east of Ukrainian Donbass.

But Sergey Kovalev was also spotted wearing Ukrainian t-shirt at Lomachenko's camp.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The wheel fell off Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier in Japan

In Japan, the wheel fell off Type 96 Armored Personnel Carrier during a demonstration show.
The wheeled armored personnel carriers Type 96 of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force fell off the wheel during the execution of a demonstration race at the event dedicated to the 59th anniversary of the opening of a military garrison.
During the execution of demonstration at a speed the BroneTransporteR ran over uneven road , resulting in was torn off the front right wheel.
 As result of the incident no one was hurt and the armored personnel carrier was able to continue driving.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

At the airport in the German city of Leipzig an ignition of one of the engines of the largest aircraft in the world - Ukrainian An-225 "Mriya". Incident happened on November 10 causes the aircraft engine fire at the moment unknown. To the place of the incident came nine fire brigades.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Safety tips when using lithium batteries during your flight.

Follow these safety tips when using lithium batteries during your flight.
  • To prevent overheating, insert lithium-metal batteries correctly, according to the polarity marked on the battery and your electronic device.
  • To prevent heat from building up, do not cover your device’s charger when in use.
  • Do not let lithium batteries come into contact with metal objects, or mix with unpacked batteries, as this may cause them to short-circuit.
  • Do not leave devices plugged into the charger for longer than necessary. Once fully charged, disconnect and turn the charger off.
  • Do not place heavy objects on electronic devices or allow them to get wet.
  • Do not leave lithium-ion batteries unattended while charging.
  • Do not carry damaged or recalled batteries and equipment on-board

The list of top 10 richest Ukrainian (joint project with investment company Dragon Capital)

The list of top 10 richest Ukrainian 2016 (joint project with investment company Dragon Capital).

At first place like the last year the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov (his fortune is estimated at $ 4.1 billion, -8% to the last year).
The second line of the rating took oligarch Viktor Pinchuk ($ 1.3 billion, -19% to the last year). 
The three richest oligarch Igor Kolomoisky ($ 1.1 billion, -41% to the last year).
 Next: President Petro Poroshenko ($ 949 million, -3% to the last year), 
oligarchs Gennadiy Bogolyubov ($ 834 million, -55% to the last year), 
Alexander and Galina Gerega ($ 658 million., + 8% to the last year),  
Dmitry Firtash ($ 652 million -35% to the last year), 
Yuri Kosyuk ($ 628 million, + 5% to the last year),  
Konstantin Grigorishin ($ 580 million, -)  
and Vadim Novinsky ($ 546 million, -23% to the last year).

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Archaeologists discovered 40 ancient shipwrecks at the bottom of the Black Sea.

A group of maritime archeologists studying sea levels in the Black Sea have uncovered over 40 shipwrecks this year as a “complete bonus.”

The Black Sea Maritime Archeology Project has been trawling the seabed to understand how quickly the water level rose after the last Ice Age, 20,000 years ago. But their surveys ended up uncovering dozens of previously unknown wrecks. Many of the discoveries are in excellent condition, thanks to low oxygen levels below 150 meters, which slows decay.

“The wrecks are a complete bonus, but a fascinating discovery, found during the course of our extensive geophysical surveys,” said Jon Adams, a University of Southampton maritime archaeologist and principal investigator of the project, in a statement.

The team took thousands of still photographs of the shipwrecks, and then used photogrammetry, a technique that uses software to calculate the positions of millions of points in space, to build 3D models of the discoveries.
Some of the ships discovered are thousands of years old, dating to the Byzantine empire, while others are from the Ottoman period.
Hulls, masts, tillers, and rudders are all clearly discernible. “Certainly no one has achieved models of this completeness on shipwrecks at these depths,” said Adams.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Usyk vs Glowatcki

Gdansk (Poland) 29-year-old Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyl won the world title for the WBO cruiserweight champion, and now the victory is the former holder of that belt 30-year-old Pole Krzysztof Glovatsky. Usyk looked confident and controlled the fight, not allowing the opponent to realize their strengths. Referee cards: 119-109, 117-111, 117-111. Alexander Usyk, which is the Olympic champion of 2012, became the world champion just in 10 fights in professional boxing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ukrainian Andriy Khud has traveled 7000 km on Tesla S and tested corporative services in Europe

More than 7,000 km from Lvov to Mallorca and back,  2000 kW power and the replacement of the front tires - this is the result of travel to Europe of  Andriy Khudo on Tesla Model S.
Along the way in France there was big issue: broken through tire

Andriy Khudo drives a Tesla Model S since April 2015 and is very happy with his choice
Per day the auto has traveled 100-150 kilometers, the charge is more than enough, the average consumption was 255 W / km.
In addition, according to Andriy, automobile expenses were lower by 10-15 times, if earlier filling Mersedes-Benz G-klass c consumption of 23 l / 100 km gasoline A95 took 150-200 000 per year, for the first year of use Tesla energy costs were less than 10 000 UAH
In general, it is difficult to compare Tesla  with another car : driving philosophy is quite different. For instance inside the BMW 7 Series I like  the quality of materials, the Tesla in this respect quite ascetic. But the electric car much faster acceleration and virtually zero costs of electricity charging, compared with petrol cars.  
After the first year and 40,000 the owner of electric vehicle mileage went to Vienna for the planned service - as a result found that the car needs a minimal amount of work and simply replaced the cabin filter. 

The first incident happened in Europe with the Ukrainian traveling this summer. At first, all was quiet - the machine is easy to overcome at 500-800 km per day. The EU is well covered with a supercharger, enough charge for 20-30 minutes - and you can go furtherHowever, in France near the city of Narbonne the front left wheel of Tesla was broken.  It was good quality of Pirelli tires, had time to drive only 10 000 km, but the electric car itself is very heavy - perhaps this explains wear and tear. 
- I called the French Tesla Service to ask for help. They asked where the car is registered. I said. "In Ukraine" He said: "Well, this country is under our guarantee does not fall, can not help you!"
I, of course, in a popular form ... explained to him the values and mission of "Tesla" (after all, just read a book about Elon Musk) and recalled the value of the car ".
After that, the service officer consulted with management and offered Ukrainian evacuator truck and on the question  where to find the radius of the wheel 21 - 245/35 - said he did not know. Andriy could not find him in Narbonne right wheels due to their non-standard size - and again called the Tesla service for help. "The genius response of servise manager from Tesla was, well, you can  Google like me ... I do not know where you can get  such wheels"
 As a result, the owner of the electric vehicle was helped when BMW service: they found a right tire and in  one day they delivered the right tire  to the BMW service center in Narbona.
In general, the owner of Tesla Model S is satisfied with his trip and will travel to Europe by its electric car in the future. 
"On the day I drove by 500-700 km. The wheel issue knocked down my plans, but even if you go a day up to 800 km - is quite acceptable ride.   But this is in Europe, where there is a good supercharger coverage. In Ukraine, I would not cover  such distance because in Ukraine the station can charge a maximum of 100-120 km per hour. During one leg of the journey in 1555 kilometers from Narbonne to Dresden, where Andriy Khudo was catching up time spent on replacement of tire, a clean driving time was about 12 hours and charging at Tesla Supercharger took more than 8 hours.
In fact , that if the cars drives on one charge long distance and charged more than 80-90% of the battery the charging time significantly increases immediately.
Fully charge the battery on the Tesla Superchargers - about 1 hour 20 minutes - one and a half hours. 
Of course, if drive 100 km / h, the electric km coincide with the real, but then must go longer.
But if drive faster, the electric kilometers are by a factor of 1.5 to 1.7 with real.
If you go for example over 200+ km / h, the flow rate will be somewhere 2,5+ electrical /km in compare with 1 km of real distance "- says Andriy.