Friday, June 8, 2012

Femen in WARSAW euro 2012

FEMEN activists met fans, foam fire extinguishers on the outskirts of the National Stadium in Warsaw. FEMEN-activist has officially begun, previously announced, the war against the organizers of Euro 2012 pigsty. An hour before the start of a beer-fucking fiesta of Euro 2012, the Franco-Ukrainian  FEMEN activists blocked the passage of the football fans and murdered their with the toxic foam extinguishers.
The bodies were FEMEN activists had the Fuck Euro slogans . Activists have come into conflict with the guards and  had been arrested near the stadium by the police of Warsaw.
FEMEN continues to expose the criminal plans of the UEFA enrichment through corruption and fulls people involved in the football industry Sabbath.  UEFA  managed to build a car for the mentally retarded zombie, giving them their own primitive system of values​​, draining money from them, the remains of health and mind. Michel Platini calls FEMEN main pimp in Europe, and under its control structure - the main engine of sex intustrii in countries caught the attention of football mafia.

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