Saturday, December 17, 2016

The first unpacking wireless headphones AirPods

Apple started selling AirPods headphones. This occurred with a delay of almost two months on the date of commencement of sales, called at the time of the announcement. The reasons for the delay in Cupertino have not explained.

Despite the very compact dimensions, AirPods combine a set of advanced technologies. Due to recognizable anatomical shape they keep well in the ear. headphone autonomous operating time of 5 hours, which in itself is high. But Comes with a small bag with an extra battery that allows you to to do without power up to 25 hours. Just put discharged earphones for 15 minutes in the case that more 3:00 to listen to music.
the gadget setting is made as simple as possible: you have only to open the case near the iPhone and the button on the screen to connect appears. It is noteworthy that AirPods connected simultaneously to all user devices, and switching between the iPhone and the Apple Watch is done intelligently, so that the sound comes from the result of the active device. To use AirPods on Mac and iPad requires manual selection.
Thanks to the accelerometer AirPods track even light movement. For example, sensors detect when the user starts to talk and include microphone, and double-tapping, you can activate Siri Assistant.
In each "ear" there is a pair of microphones, directed parallel and perpendicular to the face, one of which is responsible for the noise reduction. There is also an infrared sensor, which informs about the use of headphones for the management of their mode of operation. Enough Just  remove AirPods and play will stop .

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