Friday, January 12, 2018

FEMEN Sextremist Attacked Miloš Zeman at the Polling Station

FEMEN Sextremist Attacked Miloš Zeman at the Polling Station.
In the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, a member of the Femen movement attacked  Czech President Milose Zeeman at the time when he voted in the polls at the presidential elections taking place in this country. According to reports, the woman, who was among the audience of journalists, took off her shirt and ran to Zeman,
The movement on its website reports that Ukrainian activist Angelina Diach had an inscription " Zemen Putin's slut" in her bare chest, hinting at the close and favorable relations of the Czech head of state with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ukraine fell into the zone of anomalous winter - NASA data

NASA published a map of temperature anomalies, according to which Ukraine fell into the zone of anomalous warm winter.
The data on the map are indicated for the period from December 26 to January 2.

Now, when the eastern part of the US freezes, relatively mild conditions dominate in many other parts of the world. Anomalously warm weather is observed in Europe, most of Asia and the Middle East, "the space agency report says.

Archeologists have found a treasure of the Bronze Age

Specialists of the department of archeology of the Dnepropetrovsk Historical Museum named after Dmitry Yavornytsky, during excavations in Tokovskoye, found a treasure from the Bronze Age.

A mold was found for casting metal products. In this case, it is a particle of half for the manufacture of the celt (bushing ax). The period of creation of the found treasure is supported by the times of the middle - late Bronze Age. The find is relatively rare, especially for a monument that is located in this territory.
this find has a high historical value, because its presence here is evidence of the development of metallurgical craft in this region.

Svitolina won the Brisbane International Final

Ukrainian woman Elina Svitolina won in the final of the tennis tournament in Brisbane, Australia. In the new WTA rating, it will rise from the sixth to fourth position.
In the final on Saturday, January 6, Ukrainians beat Belarusian tennis player Oleksandr Sasnonich with a score of 6: 2, 6: 1. For Svitolina this is already the tenth anniversary title of the WTA.
On the way to the first in 2018 finals in Brisbane, Ukrainian tennis player beat two rivals from the top 10 - Britannica Johann Contu and Czech Carolina Plishkov.
Svitolina will receive 470 points in the WTA rating. On Monday, it will rise from the current sixth to fourth line of the WTA ranking and will receive the fourth sowing number on the Australian Open, which will be held on January 15-28.