Friday, May 27, 2016

The national team of Ukraine: the last day in Sardinia

The final day of the first training camp of the Ukrainian team in Sardinia a bit different from the previous ones. There was no training  in the morning and the players were able to stay longer with their families because tomorrow "blue-yellow" will travel to Turin without their loved ones. 
In the future, the team is waiting for concentrated preparations for the final tournament of Euro-2016
And  today there is a possibility players appreciate every moment that you can spend with loved ones: Andriy Yarmolenko building sandcastles with his son Ivan, Artem Fedetskiy playing bocce with Adrian, Oleksandr Kucher is swimming in a pool with Lukyanov
But the favorite game in the beach  remains tennis-ball today played Stepanenko and Sydorchuk against Yarmolenko and  Baranowski the team manager.
The evening training will sums up the first collection. Tomorrow national team will fly to Turin, where on May 29 the friendly match with Romania.
Right after the match, "blue-yellow" will go by bus to the Swiss Ascona, which will host the second gathering in front of Ukrainian Euro.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ukrainian mentor of " Werder" Bremen about the Ukrainian national team at Euro 2016

Ukrainian mentor of " Werder" Bremen Viktor Skripnik about the Ukrainian national team at Euro 2016
- Who will you support on Euro-2016?
- First of all for Ukraine. If the command of Mikhail Fomenko will not be able to go far, Germany will have my sympathy. It's my second home and all the players who act in Bundes team year playing  in front of me.
- The recent defeat of the Germans from England you do not bother?
- Absolutely not. After Germany led 2: 0 Leo began to experiment. So in the end more like, British  have not won but the Germans lost.  Loe has got a storm of criticism he has made some adjustments and some days later won the Italians. As part of the German national team a lot of people proven to be in good shape. And the cornerstone almost certainly will be a question of motivation. Not so easy to make the same Muller given for the national team with the same passion that he shows for the "Bayern" in the matches. But the European title in the store can not be bought, it must suffer

- Does Ukrainian team have a chance against the current world champions?
- Yes, and I will explain what exactly it is. Almost sure that Leo has no plans to boost training and swing from the first match. Germany all science has to reach peak form closer to the playoffs. And this is our chance if we play hard and very tight as we did in the home play-offs World Cup 2014 against the French, the Germans may have problems.
- How do you react to incidents  Yarmolenko - Stepanenko and why in your times nothing like this has happened?  
- This is a very complex issue. I'll start from the end. In our times, the team were practically no foreigners and Ukrainians are treated each other with great respect. For example, I had in "Dynamo"  as much friends as in "Shakhtar" and "Dnepr". We always cooked in the same juice, and is easy to find a common language. 
Second nuance - the work of the media and in particular television. It is no secret that the Ukrainian channels represent the interests of the different parties and experts are projecting over there in diametrically opposite keys. The political nuances and affect the attitude of the players. The role of the media in today's world, prohibitively high, and not always constructive. Newspapers and channels make it impossible to make peace to people who do want it. And it is in these public debates is a risk of losing a unified team.
The third aspect - the behavior of the players. A man can be a patriot of the club, but shall still remain professional. Fights do not paint our sport. I myself have passed the great conflict "Spartak" - "Dynamo", or fundamental level derby Dnepropetrovsk - Zaporozhye, but I do not remember that any of them descended to the participants of mass fights.
And most importantly: there must be an adequate response to such things by the disciplinary bodies. In Germany, every other civilized country in Europe for such a thing would be punished so that others would not like it. Example a gesture of Dzhilobodzhi and instant disqualification in this context, is very significant.
Nevertheless, I am glad that the incident between Yarmolenko and Stepanenko settled most correct way - a public press conference with the participation of the main figurants of the conflict. Together with the authoritative presence in the team of people who can organize the right climate, the fears for the atmosphere in the team I almost do not have.

Evening training of the Ukrainian team 25 MAY

In the hotel complex «Forte Village», where is preparing for Euro national team of Ukraine, you can rent a bike
This quick benefited our players. Now many guys get to the training field on two wheels. The
walking distance from the premises of the building where "blue-yellow"  live  only 5 minutes but on the bike faster

If someone has not had time to rent "bichiklettu" (Italian bike), him willingly brings up teammate.
 Yaroslav Rakitskiy brings Yevhen Konoplyanka on bike.

Andriy Shevchenko helps Yaroslav Rakitskiy on the football field.

Wladimir Klitschko is preparing for a rematch with Tyson Fury

On July 9 in Manchester (UK) will be the second fight WBA champion (the Super) and WBO heavyweight champion 27-year-old Brit Tyson Fury and former world champion in the same weight category 40-year-old Wladimir Klitschko

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The president of Austria has Ukrainian roots

In the newly elected president of Austria discovered Ukrainian roots.
Great-grandfather of newly elected President of Austria Alexander van der Bellena came from Ukraine.
Relevant information posted on Facebook page Tallinn City Archive, which primarily focus on  Estonian origin of Van der Bellena.
In particular, the president's parents were citizens of Estonia and the birth of her son in 1944, lived in this country.
To the Russian Pskov van der Belleniv family came from Holland in 1763, in 1791 moved to th Estonian Tartu. President Grandfather on the paternal line born in Pskov and their nationality designated as "Russian". He gave Russian names to their children. The Great-grandfather but Alexander van der Bellena (also on the paternal line) Maximilian Georg Reymann was born in 1826 - on the territory of Ukraine - Poltava province.
Alexander van der Bellen won the presidential elections in the Austrian of ultra right advantage over the pro-Russian candidate Norbert gopher at 16.3 thousand. Votes.