Friday, April 28, 2017

Live: Antony Josua vs Wladimir Klitschko Weigh-in

Live: Antony Josua vs Wladimir Klitschko Weigh-in

Motto of Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine - Celebrate Diversity

Motto of Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine - Celebrate Diversity.

After resounding victory of Jamala and her song “1944”, Ukraine is about to host the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv.

Our slogan – Celebrate Diversity – is very timely. Diversity is the main asset that makes societies stronger and our life meaningful. Diversity in Ukraine helps to get together to overcome great challenges with a smile, good joke and a song.

Let’s share our songs in Kyiv this May. We are looking forward to see you all to share stories, have fun and recognize how much do we have in common.

Celebrate Diversity!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Klitschko ''Eye injury? FAKE NEWS!

Klitschko ''Eye injury? FAKE NEWS!
Former WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO World Champion Wladimir Klitschko pretty much amused journalists at a press conference before the fight with Anthony Joshua.
41-year-old Ukrainian heavyweight amused the media, parodying US President Donald Trump. The legendary boxer used the famous phrase of the American "Fake news", which became winged around the world.
Vladimir was asked about the possible damage to the eye, after which Klitschko laconically replied "Fake news!" In the style of Trump, causing laughter in the hall.

"Antonov" agreed with Cuba on the post-warranty service of Ukrainian An-158

"Antonov" agreed with Cuba on the post-warranty service of Ukrainian An-158
The state enterprise Antonov and the Cubana airline Cubana agreed to conclude contracts for post-warranty servicing of Ukrainian An-158 airplanes on the principles of full fleet support for all positions.
Also, to resume the work of the aircraft, idle due to the lack of components, "Antonov" pledged to form a stock of spare parts, as well as ensure their supply in conjunction with foreign partners. 

The Antonov press service added that airworthiness directives have been issued that allow the Cuban An-158 to continue operation until 3,600 flights, which will allow them to continue operation for about six months.
A few days earlier, Cuban media reported that technical problems with the An-158 aircraft led to the cancellation of the flights of Cubana airline Guantanamo-Havana. According to the registry flightradar24, at the moment of the six An-158, delivered by Antonov to Cuba, flights are performed by only one airliner with the onboard number CU-T1714. 

Six An-158 for Cubana produced a production plant "Antonov" in Kiev. Deliveries were made from 2013 to 2015 through the leasing company South American Aircraft Leasing and were financed by the Russian company Ilyushin Finance Co., which acted as the customer of the aircraft.

Motor Sich in the first quarter increased profits almost 5 times

Motor Sich in the first quarter increased profits almost 5 times. 
In January-March 2017, the largest manufacturer of aircraft engines and gas turbine units in Ukraine Motor Sich (Zaporozhye), according to international financial reporting standards, increased its net profit by 4.8 times, or by UAH 1.152 billion, to UAH 1.457 billion as against First quarter of 2016. 

In the first quarter, the company increased net income by 63%, or by 1.33 billion UAH, to 3.43 billion UAH compared to the same period in 2016 .
In 2016, Motor Sich reduced its net profit by 41%, or by UAH 1.365 billion, to UAH 1.964 billion compared to 2015, while also cutting net income by 24%, or by UAH 3.278 billion, to UAH 10.546 billion. 

Motor Sich produces engines for Mi-2, Mi-8 / Mi-17, KA-226, An-70, An-124, An-140, An-148 and Yak-130 helicopters. 17.3% of the company's shares belong to AT Business House Helena (Panama).