Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dmiryi Yarosh leader of "Right sector" on front page of Ukrainian edition of Esquire magazine.

Dmiryi Yarosh leader of "Right sector" on front page of Ukrainian edition of Esquire magazine.
Ukrainians arranged flashmob in social networks (Facebook and Instagram) with the December release of the Ukrainian version of the magazine Esquire.
On the cover of the magazine we can see D. Yarosh , whose photograph was made in the traditional esquire's style.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Best photos and songs during Euromaidan

On 21 of  November 2013 the first ten who care gathered on the Square. People began to organize themselves through social networks. At midnight on Independence there were already 1.5 thousand. Organizers of the protest called to take with warm clothes, food and umbrellas.

Eighth day on Independence Square of Ukrainian Euromaidan. At night Berkut attacks students, leading to a new, more active phase Euromaidan.

On Hrushevskogo street activists arranged smokescreen from the security forces set on fire with tires.
Thanks wind was always on the side of activists.
To stew burning tires, the security forces used water cannons. Outdoors was frost -8 C.

And the most famose songs:

Warriors of Light, by Lyapis Trubetskoy

Pline Kacha by Pikkardiyska Tertsiya.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The National Guard has got "Raptors" KrAZ

Specialized armored truck "Raptor" - APC - KrAZ.
Vehicle for transporting divisions in combat conditions. On the basis of KrAZ 6322. Stable - weight 25.2 tons. Armor protection standard STANAG 4569. Equipped with armored glass and loopholes. An opportunity, if necessary, fight directly in motion. Armored capsule for 24 fighters - removable. The opportunity to use a stationary point of Defence (checkpoint) with independent air conditioning, heating and emergency hatches.

Earthquake 5.5 in Romania/Ukraine 22112014

Earthquake 5.5 in Romania/Ukraine 22112014.
Type: EarthQuake
Magnitude: 5.5
DateTime: 2014-11-22 13:14:16
Region: Romania
Depth: 40
Source: CSEM-EMSC Feed

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Proof of Russian military involvement in Ukraine. Tank T-72 BM

Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK helps Russian officials to recognize Russian tanks in Ukraine.  
Proof of Russian military involvement in Ukraine.  Tank T-72 BM
Sightings of T-72BM Russian tank, not used by Ukrainian military.