Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Transport in Kyiv during Euro-2012

During EURO 2012 many roads of Kiev City will be blocked and the center of Kiev will become totally pedestrian. For more than a month, Khreshchatyk Street will be completely blocked, and a fan area will be arranged there. Since May 25 to July 1, the fan area will be exclusively for pedestrians. Also, fans who come by busses or car should know that during the days of match such streets as Khreshchatyk, Krasnoarmeyskaya, Fedorova, Barbyusa, as well as Laboratornyi Lane, L. Ukrainka Boulevard, Basseynaya Street, and L. Tolstogo Square will be closed.
During the match, only guests, special equipment and local dwellers will be able to enter that area after showing their passport. Between the matches, this area will be working in the regular mode, except Khreshchatyk Street. During the days of match, it is planned to close some metro stations as well. For instance, “Olimpiyskaya” and “Dvorets Sporta” will be closed for the football day for 24 hours to avoid over-crowding and emergencies. Maybe, the same measures will be applied to “Maydan Nezalezhnosti”, “Khreshchatyk”, and “Teatralnaya”. The whole L. Ukrainka Boulevard will be used as a parking place for busses of UEFA. Also, for organized fan groups, there will be parkings for busses near Klovskyi Descent and Gorkogo Street.
To help fans to get around in the unknown area, there will be 2,5 thousand information-plates with logo of Euro and direction signs indicating the location of the stadium or transport. As it’s been reported, about two thousands of fans will come by car. For them, along Zhitomir Direction, near Berkovetskaya Street, there will be arranged parkings for 500-600 cars. From those parkings, regular busses will be going to Akademgorod Metro Station. No trucks will be allowed into the city during the match days.
And please do not buy such place at the Olimpiyskiy stadium.

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