Sunday, May 27, 2012

FOX Sports, gives for dead to Leo Messi

Leo Messi breathes calm after seeing how ‘Fox Sports’ has given for dead on Twitter. “We announce the sad news that died Leonel Messi by cardiorespiratory arrest during a training # RipMessi”, assured the tweet.
Nearly 300,000 fans in this social network did not know how to react. Some were taken seriously, others joked, but most sought explanations for what happened.
The message barely lasted a few seconds into the account, took to be removed to see the uproar. All indications are that it would have been subjected to a hacker.
Even so, the ‘tuiteros’ have not slow to give their vision of what happened. Paul caves Montaño (@ Paulinson21), for example, believes that he has been a madridista thing. “These real accounts hackeadores already wanted!”
Victor Pernalete (@ VictorPerna) or José Andrés Pacheco (@ aspa43) are two examples of those who were not taken very well the news, asking for explanations to Fox. Under the hashtag # RipMessi you can read some of these complaints, and some other Joker tone.  Fortunately, away from polemics, Messi is still alive and will continue to give joy to football.

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