Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Hasidim pilgrims are dancing to the famous hit about Putin (Putin khuilo). Video

Every half an hour at Kiev airport "Borispol" is landing a plane from Tel Aviv  and it is only from Israel. Total from 20 countries for three consecutive days Hasidim are coming to Kiev and heading to Uman.
Pilgrims (Hasidic Judaism) are coming mainly  from 5 countries: USA, Canada, France, Great Britain and Israel.

Every year the city attracts about 30 thousand Hasidim. Celebrate the New 5775 Year Hasidim will be from 24 to 25 September At grave of the spiritual father Bratslav Hasidic movement Rabbi Nachman  and the premises of the local synagogue.
This year The Hasidim pilgrims who arrived in Uman to mark the Jewish New Year 5775 Rosh Hashanah distinguished by the fact that danced to the famous hit about Putin (Putin khuilo).

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