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Armored Saxon, purchased for the Ukrainian Army has good anti-mine protection. Proved in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Armored Saxon, purchased for the Ukrainian Army has good anti-mine protection. Proved in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 
Ukroboronprom still buy 75 armored Saxon AT-105 which were in storage  in the UK. Next week will arrive 20 APCs. The cost is $ 51 thousand. They will arrive without weapons and after the fighting module of Ukrainian production will be mounted they will be send to the ATO zone. According to the head Ukroboronproma S. Pinkasa: "In 2015, for the needs of the Ukrainian Army UK will deliver another 55 armored Saxon. All machines have a warranty on the part of company-producers who are willing to ensure the functioning of the technique and its subsequent maintenance." 
Ukrainian media wrote that this outdated vehicals. They are more like police cars with armor that allows you to save the crew of only 7.62 caliber bullet.
However, they also have an important advantage - mine protection
In 1994, the British troops operating a peacekeeping mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina and one of Saxons has driven on the road on anti-tank mine. As noted by one of the soldiers if they were inside the crawler FV103 Spartan (similar to the BMP-1 and BMP-2) with a flat bottom, it would ended sadly for the crew - it would be more deaths.
In this situation, armored Saxon AT-105 has V-shaped profile of the bottom for the mine resistance (up to 9 kg of TNT), which saved personnel - only one wounded ...

The first operational Saxons were deployed in Germany in 1983, to equip mechanised infantry battalions. The Saxon is now withdrawn from service in HM Armed Forces, but 147 are kept in storage. The Saxon has been deployed to places such asBahrainBruneiBosniaMalaysiaOmanIraq and Afghanistan.
The Saxon can be fitted out as:
  • AT105A - Ambulance
  • AT105E - Turret armed with one or two machine guns
  • AT105MR - 81 mm mortar
  • AT105C - Command vehicle


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