Friday, June 10, 2016

Kazimir Malevich day's in Kyiv. 09-11 June 2016

"Art Arsenal" presented the exhibition "Malevich +", which includes inheritance Ukrainian avant-garde artists from the museum collection . During the summer, visitors can get acquainted with the unique cultural and artistic phenomenon of Ukrainian avant-garde, particularly to see original works landmark artist Kazimir Malevich of the twentieth century. Kazimir Malevich, one of the founders of new trends in abstract art - Suprematism and kubofuturizm, teacher and art theorist. Born in Kiev in 1878. The international community used to consider him a Russian artist, although his life and work were inextricably linked to Ukraine.

The exhibition included two original paintings of Kazimir Malevich:
"Suprematist Composition 1" authorship Kazimir Malevich.

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