Host city Lviv


Population: 735,000
Area: 171km²
Altitude: 324m above sea level.

Lviv is a mysterious, but charming city for Ukrainians, who are attracted by its European atmosphere, and for Europeans, who feel and see the city’s authentic national colouring. It lies just 70km from the Polish border and has a coffee-house culture more akin to Austria and Hungary. And while other cityscapes were whitewashed by Soviet rule, Lviv's colour continued to shine through.
Standing between eastern and central Europe, possessing a great tourism potential, the Lviv region is certainly attractive economically.
Motto: Open to the world
More than 160,000 students study here. The city contains 60 establishments for higher education.
Lviv encompasses 55% of all Ukrainian monuments of cultural significance and 1.5 million museum artefacts.
If anywhere sums up Lviv it is the beautiful Rynok Square (Market Square), which has been the centre of political, public, cultural, and commercial life of the city for 500 years. Surrounding it are about fifty unique architectural monuments dating back to the 16-20th centuries.
There are ten churches within a 200m radius of Rynok Square (and over 80 in the city as a whole). All of them are reflecting the multicultural and multinational nature of Lviv, which has always served as a bridge between Ukraine and Europe.
The Lviv Opera House, situated on the main City Avenue, is an architectural gem of Lviv, built
Stadium of EURO 2012, though unless you are heading to/from Kyiv (nine hours) or another Ukrainian city you may not need it. Bus Station No8 by the Central Train Station also has daily services to Kyiv and Warsaw (14 hours but quicker if you change). Trains are probably the quickest, simplest option with regular links to Kyiv (from 6.5 hours), Kharkiv (20 hours) and Moscow (25 hours).
Distances to other UEFA EURO 2012™ venues:
Kyiv – 540km
Warsaw – 385km
Wroclaw – 620km
Poznan – 700km
Gdansk – 725km
Kharkiv – 1,015km
Donetsk – 1,175km
In and aroundOne cannot imagine Lviv without trams, history of which date back to 1880. Trolleybuses have replaced trams on major thoroughfares, and they cost the same – 1.25 UAH (apr. 0.12 €). An army of buses and minibuses complete the proposal of Lviv Public Transport, with the price of 2 UAH (apr. 0.19 €) per trip - fast and mostly reliable.
Capacity – 34, 915
Seats for disabled – 104
Parking slots – 4,500
Opened – October 29, 2011
Only two events – the official opening ceremony and the first game – were enough for the football community and respected officials from UEFA to name the Arena Lviv the most comfortable stadium for fans among those that will be presented at EURO 2012. Lack of racetracks, as well as specially designed stands structure provide the maximum effect of the spectator on the pitch.
The Arena Lviv is one of the newest stadiums in Europe, respectively; the facility is equipped with modern technology that will long remain relevant. During football matches, concerts and entertainment events the sports arena of Lviv will seat 33,000-34,000 guests. In addition, an extensive area around the stadium can host here the largest in western Ukraine sports and entertainment shows, festivals and concerts that can be attended by more than 120,000 people.
The Lviv stadium is designed for 34,915 seats, of which 408 - for business guests and 192 in VIP-zone. Additionally, during EURO 2012 the arena will offer 522 seats for media representatives and 104 for the disabled. All seats for spectators are placed under the roof, part of which will be transparent.
City Central Train Station  Lviv, Dvirceva Square, 1           / 1505
+38 (032) 226-2068    +38 (032) 226-1595
City Transportation Service information
International airport Lviv Address:
Lviv, Lybinska, 168

Are you planning to stay in Lviv for a bit longer?

Have you ever tried couch surfing? It is an interesting and inexpensive way to find accommodation. It is quite popular in Ukraine nowadays.

Lviv is ready to accommodate fans for all three of its UEFA EURO 2012 group matches, whether you are from Denmark, Germany, Portugal or elsewhere. There are still thousands of beds available in hotels of 1, 2, 3 and 4-star rating, as well as in health resorts. Prices start at €21 and can be booked and
Apartments can be rented and bed and breakfast is available on There are also two fan campsites able to welcome large groups of fans:
Fans Camp – Buhta Vikingiv
Location: South-east of the city with bus and train links; 15km from the stadium and 20km from the airport
Capacity: 1,000 tents, 300 caravan spots and numerous beds in dormitories
Price: €25 per caravan per night; €115 per 3-man tent per night
Lviv Football Fans Camp
Location: Bryukhovytska Street, 5km from the stadium and 10km from the airport
Capacity: 150 two-man tents (comes with camping mats and sleeping bags)
Price: €73 per tent per night