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Friday, March 2, 2012

The soul of the tournament

Poland and Ukraine filled the remaining places on their Friends of UEFA EURO 2012 rosters at the end of  September, with a mixture of high-profile personalities and competition winner joining the campaign to promote next summer's tournament.
FC Bayern Munchen and Ukraine midfielder Antoliy Tymoschuk was among the final nine Friends of UEFA EURO 2012 revealed in Kyiv on 23 September as Ukraine completed its 100 strong list, a milestone Poland had reached three days earlier. During the special event, Markiyan Lubkivskyi, the tournament director in Ukraine, was delighted to present all of Ukraine's 100 Friends of UEFA EURO 2012, specially the half who are not famous names: "These people are not professional musicians or athletes, but their exceptional creative abilities will help us promote UEFA EURO 2012."
Poland's final batch of 11 were all competition winners who had triumphed in a UEFA European Football Championship history quiz and in a creative challenge about what UEFA values such as "respect" really mean. "We have finished the innovative programme for promoting UEFA EURO 2012, which was launched on 4 September last year," the Polish tournament director, Adam Olkowicz, said. "Congratulations to the winners of this contest and all the other Friends of EURO. I am convinced that in Poland we actually have millions."
The Polish register ranges from former national presidents Lech Walesa and Aleksander Kwasniewski, through artists, singers and athletes, to children who won the creative drawing contest. All share the common goal of promoting the tournament. "I feel a great responsibility," says Jerzy Dudek, a former Polish international and UEFA Champions League winner with Liverpool FC. "I hope all our guests will be happy when they leave Poland at the end of EURO 2012."
In Ukraine, the famous faces include world heavyweight boxing champions Vitaliy and Volodymyr Klitschko. "I want all Ukrainians to be Friends of EURO 2012, so that every visitor to Ukraine in the summer of 2012 will feel they are among friends," says Volodymyr, the younger of the two brothers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Poland is ready

Poland is looking forward to UEFA EURO 2012 with excitement. The Arena Gdansk and the Municipal Stadium Wroclaw are the latest grounds to be inaugurated, with the National Stadium Warsaw to follow before the end of December. Away from the stadiums, visitors will also enjoy the benefits of the extensive work that has gone into improving the country's infrastructure for the finals. In the established Chopin airport, visitors to Warsaw will also be able to fly into the new Modlin airport, which has been built specifically for the tournament. The two airport will be linked by train, with the same railway line also serving Warsaw's official fan zone and the National Stadium.

Now that the Municipal Stadium Wroclaw and the Arena Gdansk are fully operational, both have already hosted major sports and entertainment events.

Wroclaw will be further boosted by a new line connecting the stadium to the city center and fan zone, and work on the city's new airport terminal is also nearing completion. Around the stadium, a new 35 km motorway will ensure that traffic flows freely on match days.

Elsewhere, the new Municipal Stadium Poznan is proving a massive hit more than 800,000 people having visited the ground since its opening on 20 September 2010, while modernisation work has greatly enhanced the terminal building at the city's Poznan - Lawica airport. Similarly, the new terminal building at Gdansk's Lech Walesa airport is functioning well and its capacity will increase from 2.5 to 5 million passengers next year. For Poland's tourist board, UEFA EURO 2012 is an excellent opportunity to promote the country, something they can now do using the tournament logo thanks to an agreement stuck with European football's governing body.