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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

In Kiev found evidence of the birth of Malevich on Zhilyanskoy street.

In Kiev found evidence of the birth of Malevich on Zhilyanskoy street.
In the capital have found documentary evidence of the birth of artist Kasimir Malevich on street Zhylianska. This was written on the Facebook page by the art manager Tetyana Fillevska.
 Buildings estates not survived, but on the modern map this place close to home 63, str.Zhilyanska . We have no walls or even a single image of the wall.
 This is a small detail that is of great importance to researchers and may ultimately affect other research. Address is not just one or another home. This is the status, the environment, involvement in certain events, influences, etc., "wrote Tetyana Fillevska.
Ukrainian avant-garde artist of Ukrainian-Polish origin, one of the founders of new directions in the abstract art of Suprematism and Cubofuturism, was born on February 11, 1898 in Kyiv.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Kazimir Malevich day's in Kyiv. 09-11 June 2016

"Art Arsenal" presented the exhibition "Malevich +", which includes inheritance Ukrainian avant-garde artists from the museum collection . During the summer, visitors can get acquainted with the unique cultural and artistic phenomenon of Ukrainian avant-garde, particularly to see original works landmark artist Kazimir Malevich of the twentieth century. Kazimir Malevich, one of the founders of new trends in abstract art - Suprematism and kubofuturizm, teacher and art theorist. Born in Kiev in 1878. The international community used to consider him a Russian artist, although his life and work were inextricably linked to Ukraine.

The exhibition included two original paintings of Kazimir Malevich:
"Suprematist Composition 1" authorship Kazimir Malevich.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Days of Kazimir Malevich in Kyiv

Days of Kazimir Malevich in Kyiv. 

The capital will host a series of events dedicated to our fellow countryman and artist Kazimir Malevich
Kazimir Malevich is one of the most famous Ukrainians in the world.  Born in Kiev, he lived a long time, and worked as an artist, in fact, was formed here. Afterwards his innovative ideas and concepts have changed fundamentally in the art world.
The paradox, but the work of Malevich  is not so well known in his homeland Ukraine.
To return the outstanding genius in the mental space of the capital and open his work to the Ukrainians, from 9 to June 11 in Kiev will host the Days of Malevich.
During which the capital life will be full of discussions, public lectures, art exhibitions, performances, film screenings, theater performances, concerts and other cultural events

Schedule of events:
the 9th of June
10-11.00, Ukrainian Crisis Media Center - Press conference in Kiev Malevich.

18.30-20.00, Kyiv-Mohyla Business School - a roundtable Malevich: Ukrainian dimension and a global perspective.
 18.30-20.00, place to be confirmed - the round table The new paradigm: the influence of Malevich's art world.

June 10th
18.30-20.00, IZONE - roundtable City Malevich Malevich and place in it.

19.00-20.30, FEDORIV Hub - public discussion Branding of the country: history, design, future.

21.00, Art Arsenal - the opening Nicholas Matsenko exhibition titled: in each house should have one  square.

June 11
11.00 Str. Kostelnaya 17 - excursion to of Kyiv square of Malevich.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kazimir Malevich Airport instead of "Boryspil" airport: why it is important to rename the airport in Kiev.

Kazimir Malevich Airport instead of "Boryspil" airport: why it is important to rename the airport in Kiev. The real battle broke out around the initiative to rename the International airport "Borispol" in Kazimir Malevich Airport. This idea has been discussed for several years, but has gained considerable attention just now. The debate is gaining momentum. Dozens of Ukrainian and Russian media have taken  the top themes idea of renaming the airport "Borispol" in honor of Kazimir Malevich. Of course, proposed, and other names of famous Ukrainians for the main air gate of the country - Verbitskiy, Chubinskogo, Lobanovskiy, Sikorsky, Antonov, Princess Olga, Prince Vladimir - this is all important and great names for us. But they are mostly known to us. I think that their honor is logical to be called the conservatory, stadiums, factories, universities -  the place in which will grow the future talents that will glorify his name patrons alma mater on the world stage. 
To stimulate discussion on this blog offer five of the most significant, in my view,  arguments why the airport "Borispol" should be renamed in honor of Kazimir Malevich:
1. The famous artist Kazimir Malevich was born in Kiev
Few would argue that so well-known artist as Kazimir Malevich quite difficult to find. Thanks to a revolutionary discovery in art, he is known throughout the world not only art, but also people who are far removed from the history of art - students, workers, drivers, engineers, politicians, actors and simply the curious citizens without jobs. He well-known from the Pacific coast of China to the Atlantic coast of Panama on Kazimir Malevich. Two of the most recognizable paintings in the world - the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci and the "Black Square" by Kazimir Malevich, whose centenary world celebrated last year. Billions of people  heard bout him. Of course, they may not know the nuances of Suprematism, but the name of the artist - known to everybody.  Therefore, any person on the planet who will pay attention to the name of the airport of Kiev will know that Malevich and Kiev - are inseparable.
2. Airports as cultural lighthouse. 
 This item is not only ideological, but also economic. Ukraine needs to fight the negative image. Most of the associations that arise among foreigners at the mention of our country, related to the war, the annexation of the Crimea, the Chernobyl accident and the crash of MH-17, corruption scandals and endless revolutions. Previously, the situation improved slightly footballer Andriy Shevchenko and boxers Klitschko brothers, now is clearly more negative. We need to fight with this, making a thoughtful and effective re-branding of the country. On this depends not only Ukraine's international image, but also business reputation of the country. For example, a very important factor is the influx of tourists, which in 2015 fell to a record low in 14 years - up to 135 thousand people. And it was more than 1 million tourists in 2011 in Ukraine - 1,226,000. No wonder European cities struggling to demonstrate binding to the world's geniuses, whose names will remain in centuries. For example, the Warsaw airport was named after Frederic Chopin (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport), the airport of Rome - the name of Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino - Leonardo da Vinci International Airport), Province Airport Grenada in southern Spain - the name of Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca (Granada Federico Garcia Lorca Airport) . Tourism marketing studies say that such a move increases the tourist attractiveness of countries, cities and airports improves recognition. It turns out that the usual infrastructure facility turns into a tourist milestone and advance reports about the tourist-cultural symbol of the country brand. 
3. Historical justice against the ideology 
People who are seriously studying art, and just attentive tourists know that there is the concept of "Russian avant-garde" and Kazimir Malevich called "Great Russian" artist. Of course, the exceptional "Russian character" Malevich - this is more than a misconception, because he was born in Kiev, and grew up in rural areas in the Kharkiv and Poltava, where his father worked. Mother Kazimir Malevich was poltavchankoy. All his life Malevich strongly emphasized that his artistic vision of the world formed the Ukrainian village. Also, it has a theoretical works on the Ukrainian language, his work is of great importance the unique Ukrainian national flavor. He repeatedly stated: "I am -  Ukrainian."  In 1927-1929 gg. he lectured at the the Kiev Academy of Arts, which wanted to transform the academy of the modern education. He longed to permanently return to Kiev, but on returning to St. Petersburg he was imprisoned in Leningrad  and was subjected to a terrible, humiliating torture - demanded confessions of espionage. Their effects have become apparent - four years later the founder of Suprematism died in poverty. It turns out that culture becomes a space of struggle for the legacy. Many of our compatriots immediately give up and say, "What, no one was found a famous person, for who does not claim the others?  Let's rename in honor of someone who is associated only with Ukraine. " But I have a counter question. If we do not defend our heritage if we do not show the whole world that the geniuses of the world - it's part of our history and culture, and how much will "expropriated" by the neighbors? How long do we leave? I am sure that this is unacceptable and that the need to defend the historical truth, especially if we are talking about our great compatriots. 
4. Last year, Kiev has found its first Malevich work.  
There is also a very important symbolic argument, why now have the opportunity to name the main Kiev airport by the name of Kazimir Malevich. Last year the people of Ukraine in the face of Mistets'kiy Arsenal was donated priceless collection of avant-garde Igor Dychenko. The widow of the collector Valeria Wirski, gave the collection to the state ownership than to perpetuate itself and spouse. One of the main jewels of the collection is the work of Kazimir Malevich's "Suprematist Composition 1". Thus the Kiev in 2015 gained his first work of Kazimir Malevich, which anyone can come and see at the exhibition. Throughout Ukraine Malevich's works are now two - one in Kiev, and the second in Parkhomovskii History and Art Museum named after Alexander Lunev (village Parkhomovka Kharkiv region) - "65 Suprematism."  Assembly of Kazimir Malevich works are particularly proud the world-famous museums such as the MoMA in New York, the Stedelijk in Amsterdam, the Albertina in Vienna, and, of course, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum. Art Institute of Chicago in 2011, bought a small work of Kazimir Malevich for 48 million pounds. My question to the employee of the museum: "Why such a rich art museum has bought such a small and incredibly expensive work of Kazimir Malevich," she replied that they felt a big gap, until the in the collection of the museum in the world of avant-garde section was missing the most important name - Kazimir Malevich
5. Airport Kazimir Malevich - a worthy gift to the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine 
The year of 2016 is also important that we celebrate 25 years of Independence of Ukraine. Ukraine has gone through a lot of upheavals over the quarter of a century, and in recent years also forced to defend their independence with blood and weapons. We can not afford to quiet the resistance on the outskirts of Europe, we must each his act to prove that we are an integral and unique part of European history and civilization. That is why the events that claimed the inseparable link and Ukraine's participation in the creation of a world-class heritage is an important part of our struggle for freedom, self-determination and dignity. The victory on the battlefield, weapons and valor of the soldiers will help us to maintain the territory, but only the culture and the mind are able to transform an area of the country. International Capital Airport - is a kind of gateway to the world and at the same time branding our country. Therefore, it is better to write a loud and clear to all mankind the name, a name that says it all - you are welcome, this is my motherland, this is my Ukraine. 
Malevich wrote, “I transformed myself in the zero of form, I destroyed the ring of the horizon and escaped from the circle of things, from the horizon-ring that confines the artist and forms of nature.”